It's official: Samsung to add iOS support for Gear S2

Kaloyan, 06 January, 2016

Samsung's press event at CES will surely be remembered - it announced new TVs, a new smart fridge, a new Galaxy TabPro S Windows slate, new platinum and gold flavors of the Gear S2, but there was one thing that managed to stand out. No, that's not the camera-enabled smart fridge that one day may turn against us.

It's the upcoming iOS compatibility of the super-hot Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. Samsung announced the iOS support is undergoing development and we'll see it later in 2016.

There was no demo, unfortunately, but hopefully, it will come out sooner rather than later.


Reader comments

  • kupalKa

Yes it's hot as me. I have two models of gear s2, sports and classic.

Well, I like it, and as an iPhone user I can't wait for the app to pop up and grab an S2. It's a personal opinion, don't dwell on it. -Kyle

  • Qubic

in our country, all of my friends has gear s2