JDI creates transparent fingerprint reader

Peter, 23 January 2018

JDI is primarily known for its display, but the company is diversifying – it just announced its first fingerprint reader. Based on its capacitive touch technology, this fingerprint reader is transparent and could be used in future smartphones.

Traditional fingerprint readers are made out of silicon and are not transparent. Recently, work has been done to put them behind a screen, but this is a new approach.

It uses JDI’s Pixel Eyes tech, which builds the capacitive touch sensor into the LCD panel. The company has improved the sensitivity to the point where it can detect the ridges of your fingerprints. All this is built into the glass substrate, which is highly transparent.

So there’s no need to put it behind the screen to achieve the same functionality as the Synaptics sensor used in the vivo X20.

JDI creates transparent fingerprint reader

The sensor unveiled today measures 8 x 8mm (160 x 160px, 508dpi) and should start shipping commercially by March next year. JDI will make both larger and smaller sensors too and wants to make flexible sensors in the future.



Reader comments

Sony phones is very sturdy, it quality is awesome. I think you are thinking based on the Samsung phones that's why you have the bezel-less with fragile body designs.

  • Anonymous
  • 27 Jan 2018
  • 60E

so you change your mind again? u said fp below screen is useless because it would die if the screen is cracked. keep changing your mind

Someone told me the Iris scanner and Face detection is the best but actually the side mounted fingerprint sensor is the best then follow by the fingerprint reader beneath the screen is the second runner.

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