Jelly Bean update now available on AT&T Galaxy S III

04 December, 2012

AT&T owners of the Galaxy S III, rejoice! The wait is finally over - the Jelly Bean update for your favorite droid is now available.

Unfortunately, there is no over-the-air option for now, and you will have to use Kies to get the update. Just install the latest version of Samsung's proprietary software, connect your Galaxy S III and check for updates. It should be there waiting for you.

After the update procedure is done, your Galaxy S III will be running on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and the latest TouchWiz UI on top of it. If you want to learn about every new feature coming with the update just head over to our review.

This makes AT&T the third major US carrier to release Jelly Bean to its Galaxy S III units, after Sprint at the end of October and T-Mobile last month.

Verizon is the last one left, as the procedures required to approve the update for distribution are obviously more tedious at the Big Red. We are hoping they will be over soon, though.

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  • fool

you dont get android because your friend has a problem with his phone? yeah makes complete sense. If i didnt buy something becuase someone complains about it i would never own ANYTHING. there is always someone complaining about problems with EVERY...

  • dieselchk

help!!!! how do i do this...i have downloaded the kies air but i see

  • AnonD-89795

I agree removing the Mobile Data switch from the Notifications bar is a PITA... BUT I found that the "Data On-Off" app from the Play store works perfectly just add as a Widget to one of your screens, or to your App Dock, and its FREE ;...