JioPhone 3 will be an all touch smartphone for $63

Peter, 05 February 2019

Indian carrier Reliance Jio released a simple phone – the Jio Phone – and it quickly became the 10th largest brand in the world, not to mention topping the charts in its local market where it’s the largest featurephone vendor by a large margin. But the company wants more and an exec (speaking anonymously) offered some details about the third phone.

It will be an all-touch smartphone with a 5” screen. The chipset is unknown, but it will have 2GB of RAM and a generous 64GB storage (plus a microSD slot). That’s powerful enough to run Android, but it will be interesting to see if Jio go for the full version or the lighter Go edition.

As a result, the Jio 3 will be pricier, if you can call it that – INR 4,500 ($63/€55). That’s still more than the INR 1,500 for the original and INR 3,000 for the QWERTY-packing sequel.

Anyway, the extra cash buys better cameras too, 5MP on the back and 2MP on the front (up from 2MP/0.3MP previously).

The JioPhone 3 is expected to be unveiled in India this June, pre-orders will start the month after and sales will commence in August. It will be available through Jio stores, Reliance Digital stores and through the Jio website.



Reader comments

This will be a big competitor against redmi, for sure.

Then what was you talking my bro(Yes, I share my idiotic brain like you, so you are like a brother to me)All sailfish phones had HD screen, and 1 gb ram and a weak processor is good enough to handle a light linux based OS

What is this mess all about????

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