Kantar: Global iPhone 11 sales dominated in Q4 2019

Michail, 30 January 2020

Kantar Group released its latest smartphone shipments report, covering the October-December 2019 period. The main takeaway is the solid sales performance of the iPhone 11 which did solidly in markets across Europe, the US, Japan and Australia. 24.3% of all smartphones shipped during the Q4 period in the five major European markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) ran iOS.

Kantar: Global iPhone 11 sales dominated in Q4 2019

The iPhone 11 specifically accounted for an estimated 10% of all smartphones shipments during the period in Europe and the US, which is more than double the share of the iPhone XR during the same period last year. Kantar analysts note that Samsung’s revamped Galaxy A series sold quite well in the US and cannibalized sales of the flagship Galaxy S and Note series. As a whole, Samsung’s US market share rose up marginally.

In Europe, Xiaomi rose up the ranks with a 7.2% increase in shipment compared to last year. The Chinese maker got a 14.2% market share in the Old Continent just behind Huawei which lost 4.4 percentage points. Samsung and Apple are still the market leaders but the third spot will likely be occupied by Xiaomi soon based on current projections.

Kantar: Global iPhone 11 sales dominated in Q4 2019

Huawei and Honor still hold a firm hold on the Chinese market on the other hand with a combined market share of 44.2%. Apple also expanded its share fueled by strong sales of the iPhone 11, but its net shipments were actually down as the market lost some steam.



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The cognitive dissonance is astounding, isn't it? They can't even understand their own concepts they're putting forth.

  • Amir Khan
  • 31 Jan 2020
  • MeP

Last year iPhone reales one to one phone so do you want your value is greater in the market for this kind one year reales one phone form one year that all people respect your company and phone.........

  • Anonymous
  • 30 Jan 2020
  • 81X

"DiggerNicks, 18 hours ago Can you please, please please *please* explain to me how a phone with a CLASS-LEADING Chipset is an 'entry level' phone? MagicMonkeyBoy 14 hours ago Yes simple. A13 is firmly behind the 865. Anonymous, 6 hou...

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