Karbonn Titanium S5 Plus

Karbonn Titanium S5 Plus

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  • Ali

Sir my karbonn Titanium S5 plus proximity sensor is not working

  • zahid

I am not able to get screen shot becouse my mobile full touch sombody help me...

  • ashish

i downloed solo tuch app but this side direct inbild ram my phone is hang repiated & must be atomaticaly open the option pls help

  • shashi

hemant, 02 Aug 2015I am facing problems like apps automatically getting downlo... moreOpen Google playstore , go to settings and switch off automatic download option, restart your phone ,it will b fixed

  • MAK

I cannot connect to 3g. Anybody has solution to this problem

  • abhi

pls provide upgraded version for phone...

  • Anonymous

Abishake, 26 Aug 2015Dude ,I faced this problem and have accidently found the so... morewere you able to hear the persons voice who's calling you..?
becoz I've tried it...bt still I've 2 switch on my loudspeaker to talk to people..so as to listen their voice...plz kindly help

  • Abishake

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2015the volume of my phone is too low..I'm not able to hear the... moreDude ,I faced this problem and have accidently found the solution.

Restart your phone and do nothing.
Open Play music.
Play a song.
Set volume to maximum.
Now take a headphone and plug it in.
Now set the volume to maximum.
It gives a warning about hearing levels.
Click ok and set the volume to maximum.
Now abruptly remove the headphone.
This will stop the song.
Now play it.It would sound louder.
This will also increase the volume of ringtones.
This looks stupid but it actually works.Check it out.

  • Anonymous

the volume of my phone is too low..I'm not able to hear the ringtone when I make a call.and when anyone calls me I'm not able to hear what that person is speaking untill & unless I switch on the loudspeaker..I've tried rebooting my phone nd switching it off and again restarting..can plz someone help me with this issue..It's getting very inconvinient..plz someone help as soon as possible

  • Sanky

DO any one have rooted this phone or any one have installed Android Lollipop?

  • AnonD-428073

CRASH, 13 Jul 2015For any HELP Tell me Friendssss..???????????I cant add my fb account to my s5plus .. when i go to >setting >add acount>options(facebook) it gates automatically open fb app .which has i have installed ...

  • AnonD-427726

at this price,,,,its a perfect phone,,,,,,2 yrs,,,no error!!!!

  • rishu

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2015when i restart the phone it download some app automatically... moreGo to settings and there u will find unknown source option turn it off...and your phone will work like new

  • sappi bhai

i am using it from over a year not shown any problem good fone

  • noor

I am Facing a Problem Network and Wifi is Automatically "ON". When I stop the Network in Settings automatically "ON" the Network and Wifi. How can I Stop the Problem. Plz give me suggetion

  • Anonymous

CRASH, 13 Jul 2015i m using this phone since one an a half year there was no ... morewhen i restart the phone it download some app automatically for ex. battery doctor, privacy guard and lazy touch etc. what can i do for this

  • hemant

I am facing problems like apps automatically getting download but when I try to open the app it is getting erase how to stop this service and what are the settings

  • AnonD-330326

Im using this phone from Nov 2014..Till yesterday it was ok..but today its shows some charging problems..Taking too uch time for charging..any solution pls

  • Anonymous

im using this phone from 2014 Nove 5th..Till Yesterday its working good,,but from today onward its shows some problems on charging..Taking too much time for Chargingany solutions pls..

  • Anonymous

China made