Karbonn Titanium X

Karbonn Titanium X

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Amrita, 03 Sep 2015if you are planning to go for karbonn titanium x then it is... morebased and redpilled

  • AnonD-637434

Very Good Phone and powerful juice. Even better than Samsung Edge 6 and any other high end phones. Truly worth the price.

  • Anonymous

samir, 15 Oct 2015best phone everIn this phone the battary is very bad

  • Santhosh kumar

worst phone ever network goes down when u connect the charger & roaming
Loudspeaker is not loud at all.
Buy it only if you want to waste ur money

  • Gheo

The worst phone I've ever bought. It only last 2 days, after that, the screen break and now I cannou find another one. I don't know how the battery is, or the gaming experience, cuz' it only last TWO DAYS!

  • robin

very bad phone my speaker is not working

  • samir

best phone ever

  • hitesh

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2014is it single sim or dual sim phone??No spare parts available for Karbonn Titanium X And back covers Flip covers

  • Amrita

if you are planning to go for karbonn titanium x then it is better to value your hard earn money by doing some donation for NGO in social life

  • AnonD-417285

I think if you want to during this phone you must have more watch with phone! Because the phone are great!!! Any phone,you don`t watch that,it`s broke or anythingelese!!!

  • AnonD-402352


  • AnonD-402352

kollam kairlapoirm, 18 May 2015Karbonn titanium x307510

  • Anonymous

No spares???? Worst ..!!m my screen s broken I have been wondering for 8 months ... Opinion don't even think abt this phone


3G support / not?

  • kollam kairlapoirm

Karbonn titanium x

  • sizz

Very bad mobile....camera clarity is also bad....battery will discharge with in 2 or 3 hours...

  • vivek

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2015Karban titanium x mobile battery it's battery very bed because
i used it last 10 months.

  • Anonymous

Karban titanium x mobile battery

  • om

its good in al but only thing abt external memory slot,,its not there..only 12 gb available to use from internal...

  • AnonD-346295

it"s good handset jzt heating is a problem like as in asus brand..... it"s prfrmnce is rckng.... intrnt speed is awsme... must install cool master app.... to detect and stop theoverheating app only prblm is whn mob gets hang we need wait until the mob chrge