Kuo: Apple AR headset delayed for second half of 2023, shipment forecast lowered

Yordan, 05 December 2022

Apple is preparing to launch its first mixed reality headset next year, but a new report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed the arrival of the product is getting delayed.

According to the note shared, mass shipment schedule for main components is scheduled for Q1 2023, but deliveries to clients are postponed from Q2 to the second half of the year, quoting “software-related issues”.

Also, forecasts of shipped units were lowered from 800,000-1,200,000 to just 500,000, which is almost half of what was initially targeted.

Apple is currently expected to have an announcement event in January 2023, and experts are waiting to see what Cupertino will do next because a huge gap between the unveiling and the launch might be detrimental to marketing efforts and in turn sales.

The delayed launch might affect the optical industry, Kuo added. Apple partners Largan, Cowell, and Primax, responsible for different camera parts such as the module or the lens, follow closely because any delay might hurt their near-term financial planning.



Reader comments

So great to hear more stuff from this "reliable" source. He either is plain wrong or just says what is 100% naturally expected or already confirmed by multiple other sources. I don't understand why this website still pays attention to ...

Even though it's 100% more expensive than meta as long as its 50% better and apple branding is on it, then it would sell well

  • Anonymous
  • 06 Dec 2022
  • S6p

Nobody but Apple fanboys with hefty pockets will buy it, others will just buy Meta Quest 2.

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