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Kyocera DuraForce

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  • Frank

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2019Avoid this shitty phone it constantly loses home wifi sign... moreYou got a lemon . I've had 2 of these that work perfectly.

  • Anonymous

talkingtom, 12 Mar 2019is this phone capable of using wifi caliingDoes this phone has hotspot? Help me

  • Anonymous

talkingtom, 12 Mar 2019is this phone capable of using wifi caliingAvoid this shitty phone it constantly loses home wifi signal also is slow as hell

  • IGotBurned

Purchased this phone due to its rugged build. Phone is a bit slow. Camera is poor. But that's ok. I wanted this phone because it has a beefy battery and is water proof... Had my phone down at the river the other day. Knew I would probably be falling in at some point. Cleaned all the seals and sealing surfaces to make sure that water wouldn't get past the headphone/USB/expansion card hatches. Sure enough I fell in. Phone immediately filled with water and stopped working. Phone is supposed to be rated to 1.8m for 30min. Not even close. My warranty has expired too :D Buyer beware.

  • talkingtom

is this phone capable of using wifi caliing

In my personal experience it is worth paid. It has a beautiful battery life of at least 1.5 to 2 days on my regular usage. The water proof and the shock proof features are really awesome. I tried taking the water video it was good. But the touch screen was not working under water, rest all fine. Accidentally I dropped my phone from my running bike, even after that incident it survived but some small scratches at the sides. In fact I tested both water proof and shock proof, both went good.
This phone gets super hot when you use navigation. Better do not touch the during navigation, otherwise you may burn your fingers. The software was good and it never got hangup.
The smart lock was not working good. Both Face and Voice locks are absolute scrap.
People from INDIA
Kindly make sure this phone 4G will not work for IDEA and Vodafone services. It does good with Airtel, hopefully may work with Jio.
Whatever I mentioned are on my personal experience with this phone for more than a year.

Chutney, 02 Jul 2018I bought one of the Kyocera DuraForce phone last year. It w... moreProbably it sounds like virus problem. I am using the same phone for more than a year. It is cool as of now.

  • Chutney

I bought one of the Kyocera DuraForce phone last year. It was supposedly a brand new phone... yeah right. I've dropped this phone into dishwater, the duck pond and got soaked when I was caught out in the rain with it in my pocket. Nothing happened to the phone. I've even put the phone in the bath playing music and listened to it play while it was submerged.

This phone IS supposed to be to take that kind of abuse. And it did... for awhile.

Lately, my DuraFarce has begun to reset its own controls: muting the mic, turning off the loudspeaker, deleting: apps, photos, alarms, contacts and music. Now, the battery, which is supposedly only now a year old is nolonger holding a charge for more than a couple of hours a day. Esthetics for premium phones have spread to the rest of the market and now there are no more phones with replaceable batteries. I think that is a BIG mistake. Planned obsolescence is the way to screw the consuming public and make big money after all. The environment be damned.

Now, I'm being forced by need to buy another phone to replace my Kyopetate DuraFarce not so waterproof phone.

  • Lanmmwgi

Hotspot tethering not work....?why?

  • Anonymous

Worst phone I've ever owned.
The initial tech reviews rated it highly (as you might expect in any new car review) but reviews by end users tell the real story. If only 44% rate it 5 stars, and 26% rate it 1 star, you have an abysmal phone.
I've had mine about 18 months. The camera seems to have deteriorated badly in image stabilization and poor light conditions. The phone has sloooooowed in every aspect, without loaded storage. And worst of all it freezes with irritating regularity.
It does seem to have good battery life, and seems physically tough enough and waterproof.
It was the only phone that fit my top pocket at the time, so I guess my phone habits will have to change when I dump this one in about 6 months.

  • Scott

I have had this phone for almost 2 years. I am physically very hard on phones and seem to average a new phone every 6 months. This is hands down the toughest phone I have ever had. I initially planned on buying the sonnim XP7 but was recommended not to as operationally it is behind and the screen resolution is poor in comparison to the Duraforce. Both ended up being very true.
The battery is superior to the large majority of phones lasting me up to nearly 4 days. On average I can get 1.5 to 2 days on a charge. The waterproof feature is no joke. Once I dropped it in the hottub overnight. The phone worked as soon as I pulled it out of the water several hours later. I also left it by accident outside in an ATV storage container over night where it rained then froze over night. I broke the ice off of it and worked fine. It has survived flawlessly many falls that would assumingly destroy most other phones. The speakers are noticeably louder than other phones, screen resolution and brightness is good.
The bad, sometimes can freeze up for 30 seconds. Always fixed by restart. The 3 button feature on side that you can program is really only one button. So if you think it will be a play/change song button, it isn't. The "selfie" camera is terrible if not used in excellent lighting and the forward camera is not very good. Does not seem to want to focus better than half the time. When it does it takes not bad pictures.
I would recommend the phone for people that are not worried about having the newest and greatest phone but want or need tough.


why no fm radio ?/

  • Pissed off

I think the Kyocera duraforce sucks!! . This will be the second time it has crashed!! and that I have lost everything . I would not recommend this phone to anyone!!

  • barreraman19

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2017How's the camera?This is an Excellent camera, principal with 8MP and a really fast focus. I love this phone to all specifications.. Very Durable is a rugged hard phone.

  • Anonymous

Liza, 26 Jun 2016Best phone I've ever had! I've had it now a year and a half... moreHow's the camera?

  • Randoman

I think this is a great phone. It is loud and tough. Fits in my pocket and vibrates great when I am on the job site. I recommend this phone for outdoor use people. But it would fit nice in anyone's life. Especially if you talk and text and want to hear the thing. The negative reviews are are bazaar. It is a good all around phone with a great battery. Thank you


Duraforce takes terrible pictures, terrible battery life, and freezes on me will be getting a different phone......... Not impressed with the one I have

  • AnonD-669257

That one guy, 18 Jan 2017Buggy! Even after resetting phone, it persists in keeping m... moreYou seem to be well versed in Technology... But you failed to do your own research and yet make odd comments. If you had done your research you would have known of these short comings

Also why would this be an easy device to fix? It's supposed to be more protected than Fort Knox...

Annyhow... Please research the devices you wish to purchase in the future.

  • millie terry speck

Alex S., 02 Dec 2016Just get ACTIVE AT&T sim card from someone, pop it in d... moreDon't even need a SIM card. Just a strong wifi signal.

  • That one guy

Buggy! Even after resetting phone, it persists in keeping me from doing what I want to do with it.
Can't believe us cell sold me a $400 retail phone for $50 and a contract. These are on line for $78 no contract. Phone is behind the technology curve, and manufacturer cut too many corners producing. Phone screen broke first time I dropped it four days into contract. Phone meets drop test and military certification simply because manufacturer slathered epoxy on the internals of phone. It is a nightmare for a tech to work on because it is so difficult to take apart.
Have to reboot the phone 1-3 times daily just so it allows me to access contacts. Refuses to open messages, texting force closes and pictures sent over text rarely open. GPS is terribly inaccurate. Games freeze the phone up.
If you ever drop your phone go with something with gorilla Glass.
I don't recommend this to anybody.