Latest Samsung update brings a Note10 feature to older Note devices

Yordan, 14 October 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note10 arrived with a handwriting-to-text feature in the Galaxy Notes app, and the Korean company promised it would arrive at other phones with the OneUI 2.0 beta. Well, we didn't have to wait that long as today users of the Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Note8 smartphones have received the feature as an upgrade.

Latest Samsung update brings Note10 feature to older Note devices

According to the report, if your phone can upgrade the Samsung Notes app to version, you get the feature even without the need for an S Pen - you can write simply with your finger. However, a quick check on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ reveals that not all devices are getting the feature, although it might be a market limitation for now.

Latest Samsung update brings Note10 feature to older Note devices

The handwriting-to-text feature not only converts words but also can export the text to a Microsoft Word file. While creating a note, you can zoom in and out, and there are some more styles to choose from in handwriting mode. In order to check whether your Galaxy Notes app has the feature, simply go to the About page and update it.



Reader comments

  • stobs

all these 'features' were available on the galaxy note 3 neo itself... or am i missing something..?

  • stobs

exactly! i was thinking too that the galaxy note 3 neo was able to do this, so whats the big deal....!!!!!!!!!

  • AnonD-819322

I was on about the Fold...

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