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  • AnonD-275589

My friend recently upgraded its Iris Atom 2 to Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and found it extremely easy. It took just a few minutes to update the phone. The best part he got the look that was missing till now. The visuals have completely changed and the phone now possesses the some features that were lacking till now. Not to forget the sound profiles have bettered and security features have also improved.

  • AnonD-277997

My lollipop experience of Iris Atom 2 has been amazing. The moment I got to know that my handset is upgradable to lollipop it didn't waste a second to update it. Since, then I have been enjoying awesome new features in my phone. One thing enjoy a lot is a fast Wi-Fi connection, which lacked in my previous software.

  • Mahantesh- Karnataka

Dear all,
Don't by LAVA products, 2 days before purchaged Iris Atom-2 moble phone and useless battery backup, immidiately it will discharge. Some time hanging during operation.
No product quality as well no proper technical service team.

  • Vipul

kamal, 11 Nov 2015This phone have proximity sensor or not Tell me guys Dear,
Proximity sensor is available in this phone, but not as powerful than other phones

  • AnonD-475146

I go to seting-- about phone-- sestem update-- clik their and say already up date no new update available please help me what can I do?

  • imran

AnonD-462141, 03 Nov 2015Hey, The good news with this new Atom 2 update is that it doesn┬... moreBhai my cell lava iris atom 2 is when iam puting to charge they geting very slow charging and when iam operating they getting fast charging and not giving backup how to kept in battery backup pl┬× rply me

  • vishal dev

Lava iris atom 2 low price range smartphone I use this hndst but not satisfied bcz its battery is so bad 100% only 2 hours use and phone get shutdown

  • Devang

my phone lava iris atom 2 is not update to lollipop 5.1 .when i update my phone it show that you are up to date. what should i do..please tell me fast .

  • Anonymous

excellent mobile but the cons is RAM,camera

  • Vipul

Hey Guys,
I want default ringtone for lava atom 2, which has been playing in commercial add.
Please help to get this ringtone

  • kk

AnonD-270075, 04 Nov 2015Pranab follow these simple steps to upgrade to Android Lollipop ... moreWhere is menu

  • uttam


  • keerthu

please help me in this phne mp3
ringtone available or not

  • kamal

This phone have proximity sensor or not
Tell me guys

  • siva

Simply good

  • AnonD-320726

AnonD-457338, 20 Oct 2015How to upgrade lava iris atom 2 please helpDude this new update thing by the Lava peeps is one of the simplest! Helped my bro upgrading Atom 2 and what made it even easier is that all of this update steps are provided in this link. I am running short on time so I am just sending this link, juts follow the steps in the link.­oid-lollipop-v5.1-upgrade

  • AnonD-316915

AnonD-457338, 20 Oct 2015How to upgraded my lava iris atom2 phone Holla!!! Help is here my friends. Just follow these simplified steps that I have customized it just for you.
Go to menu of your phone. Select the stings. Choose the option for About phone. Select the system update (After that your phone will detect the upgrade package). And then choose the option of download. Once your upgrade is downloaded then choose the option of install the update. and have your newly upgraded phone at your disposal.

  • AnonD-350942

arshit, 02 Oct 2015Please tell me what is the size of lollipop update in iris atom 2? ?Hey Arshit, Do not knw d exact size but I knwdat u need abt 600-700MB 2 make d upgrade successful. Plus, u wud also need early fully charged battery and a pretty stable internet connection. N in case u hv more doubts den u can take ur phone 2 d service centre n deywudtk care of everything 4 u.

  • AnonD-270075

pranab, 20 Oct 2015How to upgrade lava atom2in 5lolilpopPranab follow these simple steps to upgrade to Android Lollipop in your Atom 2-
1. Go to Menu.
2. Choose settings.
3. Tap on the about phone and then system updates. And then once system detects the upgrade package.
4. Click on ok to download
5. Once downloaded choose the option of installing update. And then wait for your phone to be updated.

Another way to update your Atom 2 is by checking into the service centre or checking out this libk-­-7492.phpand enjoy the upgraded version.

  • AnonD-270068

akash, 04 Oct 2015is anyone successfully update lava iris atom 2 in lollipop versi... moreHi Akash, seems like you have a problem with your Atom 2, your best bet would be to go to the LAVA service centre and get it upgrade to Android Lollipop by them. Though the steps are not that confusing problem but since you are facing this repeatedly so why not take the problem to to the professionals but in case you still want to try it at home then heres the highly recommended and helpful link-­oid-lollipop-v5.1-upgrade
Follow the steps completely. Hope the link helps.