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tech.pro, 06 May 2016You are a kid out there so tightly attached to 3.5 mm audio... moreRead this article and understand why CDLA is bullshit:


I know you are a "tech.pro" who knows everything, but there is always something else to learn in this world. :)

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    • kaleem
    • rx7
    • 25 Jun 2016

    Sk, 24 Jun 2016Where do you get that sensor model leeco didn't mentioned a... moreI want buy dis phone

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      • Sk
      • 7t5
      • 24 Jun 2016

      MD, 22 Jun 2016It contains OmniVision 18660 which is good for mid range devicesWhere do you get that sensor model leeco didn't mentioned any where
      Plz provide the link

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        • ANI
        • Khu
        • 24 Jun 2016

        le 2 in originally in which core?some sight deca others octa plz clarify

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          • Anonymous
          • sUU
          • 23 Jun 2016

          jeet, 08 Jun 2016Hi, i want to purchase this phone. its good or not plz t... moreGo with it

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            • Anonymous
            • Hkt
            • 22 Jun 2016

            Chinese are very generous in offering their technological advansement! Packet with power in the pocket but sincerly afraid their power packed device won't serve long without the boost of a SERVICE CENTRE! Made a generous opinious...kindly do let know about USERS REVIEW.

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              • MD
              • rKv
              • 22 Jun 2016

              sk, 31 May 2016Rear camera will be good bcoz they have used Sony imx 230 ... moreIt contains OmniVision 18660 which is good for mid range devices

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                • vishal
                • ijH
                • 22 Jun 2016

                pls tel me after same day cdma srvices has been stop. after we do gsm gsm network is work .....pls tel me. (garudvs@gmail.com)

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                  • Kristine
                  • LeE
                  • 22 Jun 2016

                  i love pink!!!

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                    • Anonymous
                    • YTd
                    • 21 Jun 2016

                    ahirghelu, 31 May 2016plz adevise me i buy le 2 pro .. no idea any mobile future.... moreDude go for lenova zukz1 ,,,, its bettrr with all rounder and it had a snapdragon 801 processor ,,16mp Sony xemor tech lens ,3gb ram 64 gn rom,,, battery is also 4100 mah, ,,,

                      • k
                      • kunal singh
                      • Xu@
                      • 19 Jun 2016

                      I think letv should be used
                      'the super amoled display' they makes a best phone

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                        • AnonD-548605
                        • f}v
                        • 14 Jun 2016

                        But Le2 Pro must have a deca core procesessor,,how's that dual core,and quad core?

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                          • Anonymous
                          • t}K
                          • 12 Jun 2016

                          RishiGuru, 06 May 2016Now I am absolutely certain you know nothing about audio an... moreWe refer to the official website of the description. CDLA partial Continual Digital Lossless Audio, Chinese name full digital lossless audio. "Unprecedented 3.5mm headphone jack will be canceled, bid farewell to the analog transmission signal bottleneck 3.5mm headphones, analog signals easily avoid interference caused by headphones noise; Channel Separation difference caused by poor-quality stereo; and a mobile phone with a headset is not easy match result can not release all the emotion sound. the phone will be in the process of transferring audio codec to Type-C digital headphones, 3.5mm headphone jack across bottleneck, truly pure digital phone to headset lossless music transfer and bring you beyond the perception of mobile music soothing. "

                          So complex and literary descriptions, summarized as 3.5 mm headphone port is XX, the decoding process is placed into the headphone which is the right way.

                          We think this describes a lot of problems. 3.5 mm headphone port never signal transmission bottlenecks, resolution-independent external decoder built, the so-called full digital CDLA is not in the true sense, it is non-destructive nonsense, before we tested music, as the phone has internal SRC, this is detrimental to the process, and this process does not disappear because CDLA.

                          CDLA is nothing new, PC platform, there have been more than a decade, Taobao minimum for only $ 30 USB headset called CDLA meet this standard. A difference is made into a USB port C.

                          Why mobile phones can do this?

                          Why mobile phones can play music via USB? The answer is very simple, because the mobile phone operating system built into the standard USB Audio driver library, as long as the standard USB Audio devices are working properly, they are also commonly referred to as "free drive XX". As long as the headset is placed in such a USB audio controller chip, it can become a so-called "all-digital headset." Supports standard USB Audio chip a lot, as they sound vastly different, rather than what "lossless", a difference of the reason is because the different losses.

                          Before many domestic mobile phone does not attach importance to this, the system is optimized to the driver library "optimization" off, so most users do not know the interface can also be a USB headset. The international brands such as Samsung, Sony, etc., then no problem. Music, as do so-called CDLA, this library is certainly essential.

                          SONY Sony MDR-1ADAC Headset [integrated USB Decoder] -Galaxy S6 Edge
                          Sony MDR-1ADAC can be driven and works through the phone's USB port, through different data lines, it can access the iPhone's USB A port work Lightning port and the PC / MAC. 1ADAC essentially a USB headset, cable access via different interfaces among various devices.

                          CDLA is a flicker

                          CDLA is the concept of coin, and not new, it is ten years old and the leftovers. 3.5 mm jack is not impossible to remove, because the manufacturer can be made thin body, waterproof and so on all kinds of reasons to get rid of this jack, remove the 3.5 mm port phone is not without precedent. But he insisted that the mouth is the sound quality bottleneck, CDLA required to replace, it is purely nonsense, suddenly, we seem to understand CDLA and "nonsense friends" relationship.

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                            • jeet
                            • f}v
                            • 08 Jun 2016

                            i want to purchase this phone. its good or not
                            plz tell me i will purchase or not

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                              • Riyas
                              • s8b
                              • 01 Jun 2016

                              does it support VoLTE.?

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                                • AnonD-542644
                                • K6v
                                • 31 May 2016

                                It contains usb type C to 3.5 mm audio convertor in the box. So you can use normal earphones.

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                                  • sk
                                  • U$k
                                  • 31 May 2016

                                  Zacc, 25 May 2016How is the results of LeEco 2 Pro camera(both front and bac... moreRear camera will be good bcoz they have used Sony imx 230 sensor which is used in lenovo vibe x3,moto x.these two phones produce very crispy images.
                                  We can use all types of headset with these phone
                                  As they are providing separate connector to connect your 3.5 mm headphone with type c port
                                  For more info read review of le 2 on letvmart Facebook page

                                    • a
                                    • ahirghelu
                                    • f}Y
                                    • 31 May 2016

                                    plz adevise me i buy le 2 pro .. no idea any mobile future.. plz share your experience....thanks

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                                      • natalie
                                      • JbJ
                                      • 29 May 2016

                                      Can you please advice where to buy it? I scared to buy at ali, there is rose front panel, is it original?

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                                        • AnonD-522541
                                        • 3Yb
                                        • 27 May 2016

                                        Means it's deca-core.
                                        10 cores to optimize battery consumption when phone's not in use.