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  • Zacc
  • U@9
  • 25 May 2016

How is the results of LeEco 2 Pro camera(both front and back)?? LeEco 2 Pro doesn't support other headset like,sony headset, nokia headset, samsung headset etc??

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    • Anonymous
    • pKA
    • 24 May 2016

    AnonD-540692, 23 May 2016what CPU in? Dual-core 2.3 GHz Cortex-A72 & quad-c... moreAll of them it's a deca core processor

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      • AnonD-540692
      • JcP
      • 23 May 2016

      what CPU in?
      Dual-core 2.3 GHz Cortex-A72 &
      quad-core 2 GHz Cortex-A53 &
      quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53
      which of all these CPU??

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        • Anonymous
        • uWj
        • 22 May 2016

        Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, WiFi Direct, hotspot ?????

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          • Sezam
          • aqx
          • 15 May 2016

          Anonymous, 11 May 2016How can I buy this in the United States? Can't find it anywhere.Just go to Aliexpress, buy there

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            • YTE
            • 13 May 2016

            AnonD-536049, 11 May 2016No 3.5mm audio jack? Sorry LeEco (LeTv) this phone in not for me!they will provide a seperate wire for your 3.5 mm head jack which can directly connect with usb type-c.

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              • Anonymous
              • jZb
              • 11 May 2016

              How can I buy this in the United States? Can't find it anywhere.

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                • AnonD-536049
                • 33h
                • 11 May 2016

                No 3.5mm audio jack? Sorry LeEco (LeTv) this phone in not for me!

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                  • AnonD-527985
                  • 2Ic
                  • 09 May 2016

                  This thing has basically gone MIA after the release of the initial 1000 units.

                    Neo, 06 May 2016No expandable memory card slot not even a hybrid sim slot :(No expandable memory card slot & no 3.5mm audio jacks are the biggest regrets I have over the recent LeEco Le2 series phones. If they came armed with this two weapons, there is no holding back and LeEco could have wiped the slate clean in our country.

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                      • Neo
                      • KFP
                      • 06 May 2016

                      No expandable memory card slot not even a hybrid sim slot :(

                        RishiGuru, 06 May 2016Now I am absolutely certain you know nothing about audio an... moreYou are a kid out there so tightly attached to 3.5 mm audio port. Grow up and embrace the changes. I am not a person to give hate words like you. Technology is as it is. You may be LeEco hater but I am a great fan of LeEco's devices. I have ordered a Le Max 2.

                        I am tech.pro

                          tech.pro, 06 May 2016You seem to like 3.5 mm jack too much. You even don't know ... moreNow I am absolutely certain you know nothing about audio and how it works in phones. You claim leeco's CDLA tech is better, provides better audio quality yet you are unable to give us a single reason as of why it is better. You also claim the LeEco headphones are better than regular 3.5mm jack headphones when it comes to audio quality, yet you do not know anything about the hardware used in them.

                          I wonder if are a kid who have never left home and claims to know everything, or a LeEco sales rep, or just a schmuck. Hence I have decided to stop posting against your meaningless posts. You may write what ever bull*hit against this post but expect no reply.

                          However for your own benefit, I am providing a link to a famous audiophile oriented Chinese website as LeEco's are also Chinese. In their post Soomal (now you may not know respected Soomal.com is in their country) have said the CDLA tech is a nonsense and a stupid move in smartphones with regards to audio quality:


                          (Use google translate to read it)

                            RishiGuru, 05 May 2016You have still not answered the most elusive question... Wh... moreYou seem to like 3.5 mm jack too much. You even don't know about LeEco's CDLA and you are posting negative remarks about it. Chipset's default audio codec is just a general idea. Why don't you search for DACs inside LeEco gen. 2 phones? And for quality, get a gen. 2 LeEco phones and compare yourself.
                            As for more $100, will you get same quality in case 1 phones? You end up in compromise.

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                              • Carapiña
                              • mPs
                              • 05 May 2016

                              What are the dimensions and the weight?? And Does it films in 4K?

                                tech.pro, 05 May 2016As you said every MediaTek (not MideaTek) or Snapdragon chi... moreYou have still not answered the most elusive question... What advantages in sound quality does LeEco's CDLA tech bring over regular 3.5mm audio jack smartphones?

                                Regarding use of additional audio adapter to plugin existing 3.5 mm headphones, it is heartening to find out LeEco have gone downtrend in using the crappy internal audio codecs from MediaTek & Snapdragon chipsets for their Le 2 Pro & high-end Le Max 2. After all their predecessors Le 1 Pro and Le Max used to come with a heavily modified discrete ESS Sabre 9018Q2C (DAC + headphone amplifier) package with superlative sound quality. So as per your information Le 2 Pro & Le Max 2 now produces crappy audio output through this adapter, hence all existing 3.5mm headphones are also going to sound crappy. Very sad. :"(

                                Do you really think taking out a quality DAC & headphone amplifier package from the phone makes for a better design? And yes cramming the same DAC & headphone amplifier inside their headphones also makes a better headphone design?..... LOL ... After all the 3.5mm jack was never the bottleneck with regards to sound quality in phones.

                                Let me give you an example of the overall expenses over a tenure of three years:

                                1) Let say a good branded phone cost you $160. You add quality DAC + Headphone amplifier with 3.5mm audio jack in it at an additional $20, total phone price becomes 160 + 20 = $180. Now, say a quality headphone costs $40. Now due to heavy usage say your headphones last for 6 months. Over a tenure of 3 years, total expenditure = 180 + (40 X 6) = $420

                                2) LeEco wants you to buy their headphones, so they take the $20 worth of DAC + Headphone amplifier out from their phone and stuffs it inside their headphone. So they are able to save $20 on their phone as it now sells at just $160. But now their headphones are more expensive with the audio hardware stuffed in it, ends up at 40 + 20 = $60 price tag. Over a tenure of 3 years, your total expenditure = 160 + (60 X 6) = $520

                                Heck, you end up spending $100 dollars more with LeEco phones on the long run!!!! It may be a great marketing policy by LeEco to suck money from us, but a very bad deal for us end consumers.

                                Personally I least care about internal crappy audio codecs inside MediaTek and Snapdragon chipsets. But yeah... I do know some discrete DACs & headphone amplifiers used in audio centric smartphones with formidable audio performance.

                                1) ESS Sabre ES9018
                                2) ESS Sabre ES9028
                                3) Cirrus Logic CS4398
                                4) AKM 4375

                                Headphone Amplifiers:
                                1) Analog Devices AD45257
                                2) Analog Devices ADA4896
                                3) Texas Instuments OPA1612
                                4) Texas Instuments OPA2604
                                5) ESS Sabre ES9601
                                6) ESS Sabre ES9603
                                7) Maxim MAX97220

                                So can you kindly reveal us a little more about the DAC used inside LeEco headphones which you claim is of very high quality?

                                  RishiGuru, 05 May 2016Your point is valid in that while using the 3.5mm audio jac... moreAs you said every MediaTek (not MideaTek) or Snapdragon chip sets come with internal audio codecs, you will have no problem to use the audio adapter to plugin 3.5 mm headphone in Le 2 , Le 2 Pro and Le Max 2. You do NOT NEED to buy LeEco's Type-C headphone.

                                  Even if you want a Type-C headphone, there are lots of manufacturers out there manufacturing Type-C headphone. Each of them has inbuilt DAC in itself. You can get any one of them. Better design and more space for other component in phone is better than having a dedicated 3.5 mm jack in phone.
                                  By the way, can you mention the DAC model no. found in MediaTek and Snapdragon processors?

                                    tech.pro, 05 May 20163.5 mm jack has not been bottle neck but the quality of sou... moreYour point is valid in that while using the 3.5mm audio jack the final sound quality will drastically vary from phone to phone with the SAME HEADPHONE. This is because different phones have different audio hardware architectures built in it which results in different sound qualities. An audiophile centric phone will have discrete DACs and headphone amplifiers resulting to superlative sound quality through 3.5mm audio jack while another phone may end up using the internal crappy audio codec that comes with every Snapdragon or MideaTek chipsets.

                                    But with recent trio of LeEco phones, we are in trouble the other way. As these phones comes with no in-built audio hardware which gives the desired sound quality, the final sound quality will now drastically vary from headphone to headphone with the SAME PHONE. If only an audiophile headphone manufacturer ever in their craziest dreams think of making a headphone for LeEco, we can end up with amazing sound quality. But that is not the case as we are all stuck with a very limited number of headphone options that LeEco will provide to us on their mercy. So we are stuck in their eco-system and do not have our freedom of choice. Whenever we buy their phone, we have to now buy their headphone.

                                    And as you say LeEco perform all digital-to-analog conversions themselves with inbuilt high quality DAC inside their headphones, may we know the make or the model no. of this DAC? After all how do you know it is of high quality? Just by reading their marketing jargon's? And now as the DACs come inside the LeEco headphones they become even more expensive than similar quality 3.5mm headphones.

                                    I am still not able to understand from your explanations how LeEco was able to improve the sound quality with their CDLA tech over conventional 3.5mm audio jack? The only change that I can see is they have moved the DAC from inside the phone to their headphones so that they can sell both their products and garner more profit.

                                      RishiGuru, 04 May 2016How come a USB Type-C port with CDLA transmission tech have... more3.5 mm jack has not been bottle neck but the quality of sound you hear in your headphone differs from phone to phone even with same headphone. With USB Type-C headphones, they directly take digital input and perform all conversions themselves with inbuilt high quality DAC. This will help them to output more quality sound. LeEco has developed CDLA for better sound processing.

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                                        • Jay Costes
                                        • Kg{
                                        • 05 May 2016

                                        I want to buy this phone where can I avail this? Im from Philippines :)