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LeEco Le Max 2

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  • Bidhan

My mobile (Le Max2, Model : Le X821) hanging every after 1 or 2 month, sometimes few aaps not working, Please do the needful.

  • Sensor not working

X821 browser and sensor was not working
And software also not update

  • Anonymous

tor8188, 09 Jun 2018could you tell me which os /rom is good ??? i tried severa... moreLiquid Remix

  • Joe

The Le Max 2 is the best buy I have done regarding smartphones, only problem I have had since I bought is the fingerprint reader, but other than that a superb smartphone that's still going strong. I hope that LeEco will keep building new and powerful smartphones, because they are certainly on the right track. I Recommend this product!

  • navdeep97

Best phone i've ever bought processor is just outstanding the model was released 2 years ago but still easily a best competitor with today's smartphones.....

  • Germat101

I bought the lemax2 in September 16 any have faced no problems so far.
Only the fingerprint reader never worked.
Bryan is working f9, never leave it overnight for charging reduces bty life.
Specs r good today also if u compare with any phone today.
Phone is exceptional in working n very fast

Overall very happy and satisfied with this phone

Heyyo, I must say... I LOVE THE LEECO LE MAX 2! It's easily the most cost effective smartphone purchase I've made. Screen is a good QHD IPS LCD, fingerprint reader works great (for Ultrasonic) and the IMX230 rear camera takes fantastic photos and the custom ROM scene is very lively and successful. Also, the included Continuous Digital Lossless Audio(CDLA) headset is really really darn good!

The downsides are the battery life isn't great due to the QHD screen and SD820 SoC, the rear camera can only record FHD 30fps videos (4K UHD is also 30fps but every phone in 2016 could only do that too) and the official EUI ROM is stuck on Marshmallow with a security date of January 1, 2017... That's also if you're lucky and don't have an x829 variant that is stuck on 5.8.016s with updates disabled (mine was, only way to upgrade was to unlock bootloader and flash). Also, no 3.5mm headphone jack since LeEco was the first company to drop it in their phones and opt for USB Type-C headsets (such as the LeEco CLDA headsets).

Would I recommend a LeEco Le Max 2 in 2018? Heck yeah. The SnapDragon 820 SoC is still a great performer and is faster than a SmapDragon 660 (especially in 3D games due to a better GPU) and the overall package is still a darn good deal.

  • sxs

vishnu, 26 Jun 2018Which is best Redmi note 4 (4GB ram,64 GB ROM) OR Leeco le ... moreLe max 2 much faster and better then Redmi Note 4, even redmi note 5... Only battery is worse.

  • davidanger

tor8188, 09 Jun 2018could you tell me which os /rom is good ??? i tried severa... moreI'm using www.resurrectionremix.com, but they looks like stop to support X2(LeEco Max 2).
You can try carbonrom.org, And I'll change to carbon.

  • Anonymous

vishnu, 26 Jun 2018Which is best Redmi note 4 (4GB ram,64 GB ROM) OR Leeco le ... moreLe Max 2 is faster

  • vishnu

Which is best Redmi note 4 (4GB ram,64 GB ROM) OR Leeco le max 2 (4 GB ram,32GB ROM)

Sasa elbhiry, 31 May 2018In my opinion this phone have good performance and good cam... morecould you tell me which os /rom is good ??? i tried several roms. but feel so upset

  • Sasa elbhiry

In my opinion this phone have good performance and good camera and good screen and good battery after modified os and QC 3 and usb type c and good fingerprint . For me.... Only big problem is O S i using it from 6 months but it still on marshmallow . Due to his campany problems. At first my use i had many problems with it but after i found good firmware that has been modified by someone from needrom web my phone works great good battery backup it works more about 1 day for me and good camera and official firmware eui 5.9.19s with zero bug firmware and also multilingual at first he didn't make that firmware for free but after i contacted with him he tell me the password for the file and i glade to him becuse my phone is working great after this firmware.... Thanks alot iam Mostafa from Egypt.

  • Shridhar

Pls don't take this type of phone because I have a le max 2 phone every time I have dish play problem and also phone get heated .so pls don't perches the le TV phone

  • Khan

Actually Overall the performance of this phone is very good but company needs to improve its O.S and some other LED sparking issue. In short the phone is good in its price.

  • AnonD-755710

Hi everyone,

My leeco le max 2 problem:
If i'm in a phone call my receiver cannot hear any sound and seems he cannoy hear me unless i switch to speaker mode

Please advise and I would really appreciate

  • Anonymous

Basically a good phone , can be recommended for purchase

  • Anonymous

Daryu, 14 Apr 2018This phone has two quite huge problems: - soft is full o... moreMy camera and gallery r not working problem occurring please fix this online feedback

  • Daryu

This phone has two quite huge problems:

- soft is full of bugs. One has to install custom rom or just let it be, with apps that crush quite often or lag
- battery life. After 10 months battery dropped from 3100 mAh to only 2000 mAh. And even when it was brand new it could hardly last one day with an average use.

Despite aforementioned, this phone is truly amazing not only considering its price, but in general. Display is great, performance is good, and, what really surprised me, camera is only Sony IMX230 but somehow it manages to take much better photos than expected; in fact, since I've bought Leeco, I stopped using my digital camera.

Yep Fingerprint Reader is not so good. It takes a full second to unlock + the accuracy is 70% (so sometimes i have to retry to unlock). Other than that though, everything else is very good. I'm happy with the phone overall.