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  • Anonymous
  • rRT
  • 30 Aug 2019

praveenmeloth, 24 Aug 2019Thank you for sharing this post.Does this Let s3 remotely charge with out a chord I've gone threw 8 chords since I got this phone what gives?

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    • praveenmeloth
    • gN@
    • 24 Aug 2019

    Thank you for sharing this post.

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      • Cindy
      • k9f
      • 01 Aug 2019

      Mits, 14 Nov 2018Hi i bought this phone from EFOX , two weeks ago. The phone... moreI've been using the phone for almost a year. It did the same as yours once -- looks dead but there's a red LED lit. Won't charge or respond to anything. A YouTube video suggested a battery pull (you have to take the phone apart to do that since it has a non-removeable battery), but I was able to bring mine back by just removing the SIM card. Then it would boot again, and it never has locked up again. I found out that trick when I went to pull my SIM to put it in my old phone since this one was locked up, and Voila! it worked again!

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        • Tobey
        • r3a
        • 15 Jul 2019

        I used the phone (x526). It's really nice. The design is classy. The cons are the battery life. For a phone with such camera quality and processor, the battery is a little behind and needs upgrade. And the Android 6 is kind of getting obsolete, and it can't be upgraded to Android 7. I think all the LEeco brands run on Android 6

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          • Anonymous
          • xja
          • 10 Jul 2019

          Hi I just had a new one but the default language is in Chinese how can I change everything in it to English

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            • fictionalmike
            • 8@T
            • 09 Jul 2019

            I bought one and I had it for about a year but once I left it charging as usual and It turned off and never came back to life again. I lost all the information and data on it.
            I took it to the service here in Mexico and they suspected a problem with the battery, they said there are very few parts for this kind of phone. I liked too much but unfortunatly it last very little.

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              • Wan Azmi
              • uC4
              • 03 May 2019

              Just bought one. Camera is not so good. Battery life is moderate

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                • Anonymous
                • H4r
                • 29 Apr 2019

                Very Nice Post... Thank you

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                  • tech guru
                  • I@H
                  • 28 Apr 2019

                  JUDITH, 16 Apr 2019i just bought mine today and the charger cable and cord is ... morethat's a known issue with the cable. all that you need to do is to purchase a new usb-c cable and charge the phone all night. It's a good and cheap phone. can handle mobile games.

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                    • Apu Roy
                    • PRQ
                    • 19 Apr 2019

                    How to update this device?

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                      • JUDITH
                      • ftK
                      • 16 Apr 2019

                      i just bought mine today and the charger cable and cord is bad, the worst of it all the phone was actually dead wen i bought it

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                        • shadj1
                        • a3W
                        • 28 Feb 2019

                        Please help us upgrade to Android 8 for I phone

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                          • shadj1
                          • a3W
                          • 28 Feb 2019

                          To upgrade Android, this phone will be 8

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                            • otaired2
                            • sF%
                            • 28 Feb 2019

                            I've been using this phone almost a year now, and I'm really satisfied with it, running Pixel Experience Pie with Gcam, make this phone one of the best cheap phone I ever had. Some people had problem with Volte after running custom rom and it's one of the problem with the modem from original firmware. Want the best experience? Get a custom rom.

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                              • mohmad
                              • 0p}
                              • 20 Jan 2019

                              Hi, Thanks for your good site, it's best to give the site visitors information about the amount of
                              sar radiation in this phone's .

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                                • lyew
                                • ri0
                                • 01 Jan 2019

                                Worked Perfect for a couple of days then the buit in message app crashed and the phone became unusable had to wipe it then avoided opening the messaging app for a while then it crashed again had to wipe the phone a 3rd time before i decided to install a custom rom

                                  Ya boy, 15 Dec 2018Heed my warning DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE Honestly cannot run ... moreBeen using almost 1 year , my phone is still running without any issues . Even after been dropped a few times , still working well. Probably hundred thousand others also still using the phone.

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                                    • Ya boy
                                    • m5s
                                    • 15 Dec 2018

                                    Heed my warning DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE
                                    Honestly cannot run games.
                                    Camera is BAD.
                                    So many issues with apps.
                                    Whenever I turn the phone off, i cannot type my password for about 2 hours so it stays locked and you have to wait

                                      NNELOVE, 14 Dec 2018I wouldnt want to use a curse word but can you people expla... moreOptimizing apps would only take about 15 minutes.
                                      Try do a factory restore .
                                      With the phone in powered off state , press/hold volume up+power buttons until you get to recovery menu.
                                      Then choose clear data option.

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                                        • NNELOVE
                                        • r3H
                                        • 14 Dec 2018

                                        I wouldnt want to use a curse word but can you people explain why this phone stays hours optimizing? i just bought it and i am about to regret it. what exactly is it optimizing for Gods sake