Lenovo A1000

Lenovo A1000

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  • aditya jha

my lenovo a1000 has not update

  • Gamer

vince, 24 May 2016Good phone but screen resolution is poor. How can I make it clear?About what youtube??? I know.....first download google chrome and open chrome.search youtube and your youtube video is HD. P/S do not use lenovo browser...

  • kajal

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2016very bad phone..don't buy it .display not good and network probl... moreCorrect yr ... it gives bad service in network ...


your phone is formet then working perfect

  • Anonymous

I have faced a problem while using Lenovo A1000
Incoming calls are automatically answering.
Pls give me a solution


sir i need to rest my mobile lenovo a1000
in factory defualt how can i do coz setting system has deleted from my device now i got problem if any other option be come my mobile in factory reset
please advice me

  • Anonymous

My lenovo is not working good.Batery is to low.Touchscreen is so teribel.How to fix thet

  • Anonymous

mg, 09 Sep 2016all incoming calls are disabled inspite of enabling incoming cal... moreyou just need to setting the firewall started at the top.

  • Guest20160913

I have used it for 8 months now. GPS is failing to perform with WAZE but seemed OK with Google MAP. Battery heats up quickly & depleted fast on Wifi Hotspot. Speakers are loud enough but not superb. No proximity sensor, only an accelerometer. Heavy like a brick. You can buy it for very basic usage eg messaging, calls & browsing. At this low price, it's just a basic smartphone.

  • mg

all incoming calls are disabled inspite of enabling incoming calls. Got SIM card opened and re set. Still it is NOT working. Any body knows how to resolve it. The phone was purchased 1 month back at Mumbai

  • Senn

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2016can this phone play pokemon go?Yes you can!

  • vishnu rocks

I'm using this phone on past 10months
Good processor,
Good performance ,
Good battery backup,
We can play any game without any lag .
I'm playing a game(200mb) on past two months I don't feel any lag or hang while playing this game.

The only thing that I don't like in this phone is it's camera

If these cameras are good this smart phone is going rocked..........
And its easy to use and handle

Its a phone for small budget.

  • Roy

As low budget, compare to the price its owsem...
Best features, with 1 gb ram..

  • Giuuo

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2016can this phone play pokemon go?Yes u can download apk from internet u can't download it from playstore

  • zain

what is good and what are its bad ?

  • maria del sanches

i think this bad is not that bad it's appropriate to it's price but not a cool phone if we compare it with galaxy s2 or other samsung phones

  • Anonymous

i thought it was a good phone .but it is very bad phone.

  • Rinshad

Not a good phone

  • AnonD-578542

I've got it as a present from my parents and I don't want to sound ungrateful but I DO NOT recommend it to anyone. The camera, sound and especially microphone have really bad choppy quality (the mic also keeps muting itself while i'm having conversations). When I first saw it, I left disappointed with its design as well. I'm really sorry they had to spend so much money for it (we're on a tight budget).
My sister bought herself Lenovo A319 earlier and it's 10 times better than mine (the photos are clear, bright and sharp) and it's really worth the money. She still doesn't have any problems with hers.

P.S: Most of the apps often crash and make the phone freeze. :(

  • AnonD-578542

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2016Is anyone facing eye problem using this phone?Yes. And a headache too. I'm extremely disappointed with it. It's the worst phone I've ever used!