Lenovo A2010

Lenovo A2010

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  • Deen

Puchased on dec 2015 working very good...

  • bima

plz reset phone you can change the brightness

  • Anonymous

I have purchased in Dec2015: still working good

  • Anonymous

Sinhala keyboard is not supported my phone

  • Rj

Why my brightness light disable .

  • ranny

i bought my lenovo A2010 last 2015, and still in good condition tell now. I'm satisfied with the quality.

  • BCS

For the time when it come out it was a good phone. Storage is damn small and szstem uses half of the internal storage and you need no more than 20apps to fill it up. The main drawback is the screen which is dreadfull. Botom part of the screen is almost not sesntive to touch at all after a year of usage. Camera was average for that price range. 5 out of 10

  • klyde

my camera is not working it says cant connect to the camera Please make sure to close other apps that may use camera or flashlight

and cant find my camera app in settings

please do help me

  • Saeed Ahmed Bhutto

KK, 27 Dec 2017NoA2010

  • KK

Alvins, 26 Dec 2017A2010 support otg or not.please replyNo

  • Alvins

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2017OTGA2010 support otg or not.please reply

  • AnonD-716026

Phones from 2010 have a higher storage capacity

  • afkam

is a great phone except the quality of the speaker sound and the rear camera. Also when the battery reaches 15% it goes off apart from these I like everything about the phone it works perfectly especially the browsing and gaming

  • Anonymous

The front camera image showing as mirror image

  • Hoseynimani

Veri good and useful mobile.i like its

  • akash

Battery back up is not well.. Battery was automatically drain at30 to 80%

  • pravha

Not show a camera application in settings

  • Anonymous

It's not working for camera? And this problem is continuing.

  • Anonymous

Ramya, 16 Oct 2017Any body say about how to block the contact numbers in lenovo a ... moreDownload app from your google play store.

  • Anonymous

Vinayak Tiwari, 21 Jan 2017Lenovo a2010a otg spots app OTG