Lenovo A2010

Lenovo A2010

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  • Ramya

Any body say about how to block the contact numbers in lenovo a 2010.

  • Cha Cha

Best budget Smartphone for me.

  • Anonymous

I am not able to activate call waiting

  • AnonD-698737

Back Camera is poor, but front camera is good. over all this is not good phone..

  • Zahid Khan

I just bougt it and don't know how is that?? anyone have experience about

  • jamal

Midhun, 24 Apr 2017battery discharging problem can solved by replacing new batteryI like it

  • S.Ameen

Zia, 14 Jun 2017I like it.It is good phone but camera is not good and battery ti... moreI want to disable side volume keys but I couldn't

  • AnonD-693002

I want device solfware

  • kanns

ashok, 23 Apr 2017Lenovo a2010 support OTG Its not support otg cable pendrive

  • Rameez

This is best phone in cheep price

  • AnonD-556767

if you want a smartphone you need to know his price don't be less than 120 euro

  • SBAN

Zia, 14 Jun 2017I like it.It is good phone but camera is not good and battery ti... moreyes you are right battery issue i also have even i just purchase a2010 less than 24 hours ago

  • SBAN

after first time full recharge my lenovo A2010 i insert SIM and start using it. But spending few hours i notice that battery reached to 50 % . It should be nearly 60-70%. beacuse i just checking cell phone on mobile network and wi-fi. its mean bettery drain too quickly in these phone sets .is a bettery draw back or software problem. help me because i donot want to claim new battery because service center return back without any change just reset my cell phone.

  • AnonD-682372

I'm not impressed with the A2010. It's a cheap smartphone.
I got the phone 2 months from now and I've already expirienced major problems- strange discharging battery and display anomalies- inverted colours and constant white screen... Also weak cameras - front (2MP) and back (5MP). By the standarts of 2015 phones this is hillarious.
Anyway, Lenovo A2010 is perfect for secondary android phone.

  • rox

Nice phone, very good (Motorola) gsm/wifi module, very good gps (beats all sony xperia gps I know ), mediocre camera (no autofocus) , normal battery life.

  • YateBTS

This is a good phone, we use it in a 4G test network and it's really cooperative.

  • Zia

I like it.It is good phone but camera is not good and battery timing is also not good.

  • Matthew

Joseph, 21 May 2017The phone loosing charge more quickly when on net why?I think it's just normal for data connectivities to hog battery consumption gven that network requires power to fully operate to its full potentials.

  • AnonD-247234

Why its cannot save any app. in Memory Card?

  • AnonD-673751

Camera Quality is bad. but over all OK