Lenovo A269i

Lenovo A269i

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  • Ram

I love it...but i had fear about display..i love to hear music in it as i can use data high at n8 work...thnx lenove smart phone users&company by bring at least rates

  • Trong Tran

I used this model. I found everything was okay. I liked it most for its touch sensitivity. But the two things I disliked about it were(a)connection vibration (I was not sure whether or not it can be disabled)and(b)the Qwerty keypad for messaging(frequently wrong keystrokes, although the key pad is not too small compared with those of other models.

  • Subh

This is the best mobile under the price range. I have use this mobile for month and it awesome. Its display and processor good enough to process multitasking whether it's ram is only 256 mb. Its camera quality is average. But the mobile is very useful in this price range. Thanks to lenovo.

  • unknown

your lenovo a269i is fake or clone if not have a bluetooth becus my a269i is have bluetooth and i can play pvz 2 , gta 3 in hd

  • aikal

How to on bluetooth on Lenovo A269i

  • saran

I am Purchase This Smartphone.This a Good Smartphone In This Price range Good Features & Good Screen Quality.

  • rajesh kumar

dont buy this phone if your display got damaged you need to change along with the motherboard which will come at phones cost.

Very bad design i am suffering after my display got damaged.

  • kumar

i like to buy this a269i can i buy?this have realy a blue tooth. what about camera clarity and any other problems in this phone please suggest

  • drixe

I am confused stated the 512mb rom.. I noticed that only 150mb are available.. somebody can explain iy?

  • Lizz

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2014How do i coonect to whatsapp/facebook? When turn on data connect... moreThis is my 2nd phone, I'm having same problem too, not able to install whatsapp which's the most important features for me. The error message was 486 something like that.

Plse help

  • lnt

i cant read malayalam letters in facebook and such other applications ?

  • Anonymous

How do i coonect to whatsapp/facebook? When turn on data connection i am able to browse but not able to use whatsapp abd facebook. HELP!!1

  • paranoid android

Jc, 27 Mar 2014Guys i have lenovo 269i,it says here that it has bluetooth and ... more3g is not all about having a front camera. It is one of the cellphone radios that the phone uses. 3G means you have faster data rate compared to 2G or EDGE. The phone even have HSDPA, so it is faster than 3G. Just checked out the specs for a relative, not really a user of this phone.

  • kishore

pdf, word,excel files opened in this model or not

  • guest

what the heck but the price so freaking low!!... Hmm ..

  • irma

The battery is so fast for run out.

  • Anonymous

Jc, 27 Mar 2014Guys i have lenovo 269i,it says here that it has bluetooth and ... morebluetooth is there in settings menu. 3g evn i havnt accesed yet so not having enough infos about that. :)

  • Anonymous

why this phone cannot data what that problem

  • vina

im using this phone and yes i love it i can surf and i love it so much thankssss

  • zool

model A269 does not have bluetooth , A269i does have blurtooth