Lenovo A7-50 A3500

Lenovo A7-50 A3500

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  • AnonD-411639

why there is no orientation sensor for this tablet?

  • Hussain

TUMI, 22 Jun 2015Why can't I download what's up unto my tabletGo to settings tap on download manager and clear data if not fix problem set default

  • Hussain

andrajung, 10 May 2015somebody please help me, i have a problem that suddenly my ... moreG to settings of WiFi and reenter WiFi password

  • Anonymous

It's Super Tablet I can't believe it

  • AAS

TUMI, 22 Jun 2015Why can't I download what's up unto my tablethow come!!!!

  • TUMI

Why can't I download what's up unto my tablet

  • Anonymous

wish I got THIS tablet instead of the a3300

  • umesh

shall we put keyboard cover for lenovo a7 a3500.will it support

  • Didi

AnonD-323850, 30 May 2015True to lenovo's tradition of screwing with their customers... morehi, so what would be your alternative suggestion

  • Simonnasra

The Lenovo A3500 tab is great product if we compered it to other brands in same size 7" screen and its price its more better then other brands with more options and internal memory 16gb and 1 gb rams and big bettary 3500 amp and nice design and great performance and great price .... Good job Lenovo and who don't like it let him go buy in same price better options if he can find even will pay more and get less options

  • AnonD-402089

surely buy Asus Fonepad. I've it and it's excellent.
although, both are similar in many aspects, but fonepad is quality built from asus with better software support, and upgradable to android lollipop, besides, the look of fonepad is more superb

  • i

this tablet good ???
i buy ???
who i buy Lenovo A7-50 A3500 or asus fonepad 7 (2014) ,,,???

  • AnonD-323850

athena, 17 May 2015Hi! My front camera wont work, it says everytime I opened i... moreI believe it's a hardware problem. Have it checked out at your service center to make sure.

  • AnonD-323850

Anonymous, 23 May 2015How to ON flashlight(camera)on A3500 HV tabYou can't because there is no LED flash on the a3500. Do you even own one? You should know this!

  • AnonD-323850

True to lenovo's tradition of screwing with their customers, they released the a3500 with a 2 year old OS (JB was released Q4 2012) and updated to a 3 quarter of a year old OS iteration (KK was released Q4 2013)a few months after the a3500 was released (june 2014). And it wasn't even the latest and final iteration of KK! It was 4.4.2 and not 4.4.4! Now they're abandoning the a3500 because lenovo felt that they already did their customers a great service and favor by updating a 2 y/o OS to a 1 y/o one! These guys are selling old units and passing the off as brand new then leaves the owners hanging with an obsolete unit even before they buy the damn thing! So my message to lenovo remains the same: SCREW YOU! Because of you I'm never, ever going to buy a chinese owned or branded phone ever again, no matter the specs or price!

  • Robert

kalai, 11 May 2015hai pls help me .my sim card cant accepted .showing sim car... moreI've the same issue! Did you find a solution? am getting this error message "sim popup illegal"

  • Anonymous

How to ON flashlight(camera)on A3500 HV tab

  • gelah-25

Nice na sana xa,but i dont like the camera because it has no led flash

  • selly

I'm using this tab from last two months. It's working very good. Very good tab go for it. 👏👏👏👏

  • cool

How can i hide app without downloading app?