Lenovo A7-50 A3500

Lenovo A7-50 A3500

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  • Anonymous

Dr.Mohamed, 11 Feb 2015Hi everybody this is an amazing phone, I even bought one to... moreVery good tablet, but works even beter with Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat). So do the upgrade......

Joop van Deun

  • athena

Hi! My front camera wont work, it says everytime I opened it "Can't connect to camera" and it forces to close if clicking "Ok".. Can you please help me fix this?

  • ayiub

kalai, 11 May 2015hai pls help me .my sim card cant accepted .showing sim car... moreI solved this buy attaching a thin paper scrap to the back of the Sim. This makes the Sim to have good contact with the tablet pins and make it recognizable. Hope this works for you too.

  • AnonD-342865

Hi, something happen with the WiFi. The indicator is on, but somehow there is no internet connection. At first, I was turning off my tab everytime it went wrong, but now I just activated the airplane mode then I deactivated it. The WiFi works again for awhile, until it stops and I have to do it all over again. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

  • kalai

hai pls help me .my sim card cant accepted .showing sim card popup illegal.how to solve this problem pls help me

  • andrajung

somebody please help me, i have a problem that suddenly my tablet cannot connect to wi-fi. I never upgrade my tablet, and i've tried to clear the cache, even reset all of the data. But there seems no result about it. is there anyone having the same experience?

  • Anonymous

my battery 8 days lifetime. because i upgrade to android 4.4.2 before this, my batery drain over after 2 days...
i`m not lie...
good product

  • hamza

mohamed, 02 May 2015I am too, my battery drain fastMy battery drains aswell

  • User12345

Is this device rooted or not?

  • mohamed

Sam, 28 Apr 2015i have a battery problem!!!! I am too, my battery drain fast

  • mohamed

Mohamed , 30 Apr 2015No sir , It is not normal and I have returned the device ba... moreUnfortunately i have new tab but battery problem still exist drain very fast.

  • Mohamed

kiko86, 22 Apr 2015I have the same problem mohamed actually its normal i thinkNo sir , It is not normal and I have returned the device back to service center , they admit that there is a problem and offer to replace the device

  • mocks

plis help i cant make a cal from my tab (A3500H)i will b glad if assisted .

  • Sam

i have a battery problem!!!!

  • bryan

Firestarter* , 15 Apr 2015I can't put the owners(my) information on this tablet,when ... moreUnfortunately system ui stopped
I want to reset all data

  • kiko86

Mohamed, 18 Apr 2015I have a problem in battery its drain from 100 to 88 in alm... moreI have the same problem mohamed actually its normal i think

  • Mohamed

I have a problem in battery its drain from 100 to 88 in almost 10 min . use device from 4 days 😠

  • sharma

It did not connect with PC.Please suggest, and solve my problem.

  • AnonD-386803

One hell of a device. Durable, relaiable and user friendly. I ve been using this for like one year and till this moment ive never come up with any issue. Display is not as brighter as samsung though this is really a smart device for those who gonna use this for their work schedules, business functions, studies...etc
5 star rating

  • rein

i have a7-50..it always says google has stopped..and i cnt use it normally. anyone pls help me what do i need to do??? thanks