Lenovo A7-50 A3500

Lenovo A7-50 A3500

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  • Firestarter*

I can't put the owners(my) information on this tablet,when i type on "Owner" it says me "The contact doesn't exist.". Btw i have A3500-FL
Please help me

  • AnonD-273071

luna, 11 Apr 2015hi the setting is encrypted>>>>how can i reset itLenovo Tab A3500 - hard reset


  • AnonD-103717

How do you root this tablet?

  • luna

the setting is encrypted>>>>how can i reset it

  • hamid

this tablet is very good.we love lenovo kompany.hamidreza torabi from iran

  • Cool

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2015It's written by GSM Arena that the battery in your tablet ... moreHe doesn't because when any battery of any kind, even if it can't be removed, it can can be replaced by the company that fixes it

  • kiko86

The battery is very very very bad how can i solve this problem??????

  • Anonymous

sholdier, 05 Apr 2015My battery has dramatically reduced its life abruptly does ... moreIt's written by GSM Arena that the battery in your tablet is not replacable. So you might have a big problem.

  • sholdier

My battery has dramatically reduced its life abruptly does someone can help me about what caused it and if i can replace it with a new one...??

  • cumantaka2

My Lenovo A3500 HV...i get problem on music. Sometimes good sound, but sometimes not good ( i can't hear sound). Whats problem .

  • ashok

I have purchased a lenovo tab A7Model No A3500-hv from out of india and received on 21 Mar 2015, but sim card is not accepted by the tab. Please advise me further action

  • jay

Hey I want to but this tab...I just like to know how good is it on outdoor use ????

  • sandip

hadi, 18 Mar 2015PLZ how can make call on this tabletwhich model you have

  • Sharmila

I have Youtube in my Lenovo A3500-HV model,but I cannot watch any movies,please solve this problems.

  • hadi

PLZ how can make call on this tablet

  • sourav

Lenovo A7 tab what's up not run
All time display network problem or reboot your device
What is problem I can understand

  • leedor

nazila, 06 Mar 2015Is it possible to install instagram on Lenovo A3500-HV? If ... moreyes you can install instagram on this phablet:-)

  • kinju

hii,. i hv bought lenovo a7-50. i could find resolution problem in camera system of this tab,. how could i solve it?

  • AnonD-308212

Besides lagging it just from time to time it give no signal on the screen until I take out the Sim card and wait for about an a hour until I hear the opening sound I wait for about 10 minute until the screen give a signal and I can use the tab again .
Any suggestions about this problem and it's not a heating problem and it always happen with programs from the android system like dilar and alarm specially the first one.

  • XDemolisher

floego, 22 Apr 2014According to Lenovo's website, the A3500-H (Wi-Fi only) car... moreHi,sirs

I'm 15
Sir I have problems rooting my tab Lenovo A3500-HV I just buyed it a week ago but I'm having problems rooting
Sir can I get application for rooting this tablet.answer my question sir