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Lenovo A850+

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  • k
  • koda
  • pmH
  • 22 Dec 2020

After 6,5 years i changed a850+ to new phone. It was great time. Didn't want to do that but apps stops working one by one because of old android os version and it took about 15 seconds each time to start whatsapp. GPS in last year became extremely inacurate. bluetooth signal also became weak. My heart is broken

    • G
    • GS
    • vp2
    • 05 Aug 2020

    I'm still using mine in 2020 also! Finally thinking of changing to Xcover 4s since some Apps not compatible anymore. Phone still awesome , guess the firmware doesnt get updated.

      • d
      • dg
      • tuf
      • 07 Mar 2020

      I use this phone at 2014 and now is 2020...this phone still working...and good condition

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • pmH
        • 01 Dec 2018

        Bobobo, 03 Sep 2018Its so trash, only got like 1gb ram. Cant run anything on t... moreYou say its a bad phone in 2018 (almost 2019) and the release date was in 2014...
        5 years ago it was one of better phones. Still using it even though there are soo many better phones right now. 1gb is ok if you dont have google onboard.

          • B
          • Bobobo
          • vju
          • 03 Sep 2018

          Its so trash, only got like 1gb ram. Cant run anything on this phone ugh. Gonna buy a new phone soon and it wouldn't be Lenovo

            • D
            • AnonD-687456
            • xW%
            • 26 Jul 2017

            AnonD-672302, 26 May 2017When I first got this phone, I was kind of amazed, I paid o... morewhy on earth would you pay that much for a garbage phone

              • D
              • AnonD-675948
              • PTG
              • 09 Jun 2017

              I threw this phone to the floor It didnt break But sometimes it shutdown when knocked something

                • D
                • AnonD-672302
                • RLq
                • 26 May 2017

                When I first got this phone, I was kind of amazed, I paid over $1000NZD for this phone. As time went by, I realized that it isn't actually great, it's still stuck on 4.2.2 and no way of updating to the latest running system, there's always POP up ads, when you're talking to someone, you can actually hear something as if your phone is being tapped into, not a good feeling. Especially where I live. So at the start, this phone was like ... a 7/10, now, I want to break it with a hammer and rate it in the negatives/10. That's my honest opinion. If Lenovo were to somehow make a miracle upgrade, I would be happy, but I'm not. So, definitely won't be a consumer of this product again.

                  • i
                  • ivaka
                  • nsL
                  • 09 Apr 2017

                  I love this phone when he came out was grea.t it`s cheap the camera actualy is 8 mp the sound is good it`s pretty loud the battery is very stable it could be better but not for this price ;)

                    • D
                    • AnonD-649985
                    • tZj
                    • 07 Mar 2017

                    After buying a month at 2015, I threw out directly from the 2nd floor ! Never buy Lenovo again.

                      • n
                      • nini
                      • tZj
                      • 03 Jan 2017

                      tuhin, 26 Dec 2016I used my a850+ about 1.5 years .it was smooth until now.bu... moreman...I just format my phone..I can't install all kind of Google...so first I send share it to my device using Bluetooth then send all third party apk to my phone..now I can update and use them

                        • t
                        • tuhin
                        • g3J
                        • 26 Dec 2016

                        I used my a850+ about 1.5 years .it was smooth until now.but recently I reset it and after that it doesn't support 3rd party softwares....like google play store .what should I do???

                          • z
                          • zal
                          • KZ8
                          • 27 Nov 2016

                          I had use lenovo almost 2 years.it have no problem until recently waze cannot been use.handphone cannot been repair because the repair shop said China or Taiwan not upgrade the waze software.

                            • j
                            • joeyza
                            • RJ2
                            • 06 Nov 2016

                            used since 4/14 first batch , still run smooth on factory rom. i'm not hi end gamers only sometimes played coc but for multi tasking this fone working flawless ( nice octa core proc ) . not so fast n not too slow. battery life also gud. few time dropping above 4-5 feet but still alive w/o cracked. ( thanks for old back case n sp stick from day 1 ) now day i changed a plastic sp to sp glass its seem like a new fone. buy around 64 usd = rm270 its worth for above 2 years using budget china product . btw a camera quality's also not bad for 5mp lens only hate about wifi range its not too far.

                              • x
                              • xyz
                              • KSE
                              • 17 Sep 2016

                              it's a good phone actually. it's only for intermediate android users. you must install custom rom and it will run smooth. I'm thinking of buying another set.

                                • z
                                • zeph
                                • sRn
                                • 05 Sep 2016

                                My photos keep getting deleted wea can i find the vault security pin? TIA

                                  • a
                                  • anne
                                  • uct
                                  • 30 Aug 2016

                                  lenovo is good.. but i have one question regarding the apps store... because if i download example is messenger ... why cannot find in the display....

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • v35
                                    • 23 Aug 2016

                                    Elf, 04 Mar 2016is this device compatible with chainfire 3d ?. i have anoth... moresame problem. i format the phone. if its in safemode after that..restart the phone. been using for 2 years.

                                      • N
                                      • Nivvan
                                      • tZj
                                      • 03 Aug 2016

                                      i was using this phone 2 years....its really better then samsung ! people who said this phone is hanged , for your information please do check your phone with nearest phone shop !!!! maybe it will be a AP set , for me its awesome , still now this phone is enough for me !

                                        • A
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • IVP
                                        • 24 Jul 2016

                                        Worst phone ever owned. Dont buy it. After having patient with this phone for about 2 years, it went completely broken ( cannot start). Always lag..not enough ram and internal memory.