Lenovo A850+

Lenovo A850+

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  • abu bakar
  • veM
  • 18 Jun 2016

play coc for 5 min and the phone overheat and the screen jammed.is this something to do with the battery or the phone itself.

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    • Dominator
    • vV5
    • 22 May 2016

    I have one white a850+ mt6592 1.7ghz octacore mediatek...i have root the this phone and setting all cpu core 1ghz minimum to 1.7ghz maximum and no lags at all but weak internal storage..weak mali-450mp2 gpu that's is not suitable for high end 3D games..casual games all okey...

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      • hi star
      • KSE
      • 17 Apr 2016

      hi anybody knows any a850+ rom with move2sd? i have try many, but none have this features...

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        • AnonD-517186
        • gxE
        • 21 Mar 2016

        sumon, 15 Mar 2016I need flash phone but where I found lenovo a850+ firmware.... moresee here:

        and here:

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          • AnonD-516601
          • IV$
          • 20 Mar 2016

          Anonymous, 15 Mar 2016where I found lenovo a850+ firmware. I need to flash this mobile.needrom

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            • Anonymous
            • XQv
            • 15 Mar 2016

            AnonD-306746, 13 Sep 2014If you don't like the LENOVO UI why don't you flash another... morewhere I found lenovo a850+ firmware. I need to flash this mobile.

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              • sumon
              • XQv
              • 15 Mar 2016

              I need flash phone but where I found lenovo a850+ firmware. please anybody know.

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                • lin
                • KZJ
                • 10 Mar 2016

                i just want to know if anyone using maxis or hotlink and this lenovo a858 works well. becoz now im using celcom and the internet is super duper sucks!
                thinking to convert to line maxis if it's ok. coz to buy new better hp is out of my budget now. pls advise.

                  • E
                  • Elf
                  • tZ4
                  • 04 Mar 2016

                  is this device compatible with chainfire 3d ?. i have another lenovo device but when i turn on chainfire 3d, it got boot loop.

                    • b
                    • bea
                    • PS6
                    • 07 Feb 2016

                    Missing sms,dialing and contact icon. Search in setting and widgets but cannot find it. Some apps i freeze using secureit cannot unfreeze. Anyone can help?

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                      • AnonD-264183
                      • KZ8
                      • 23 Jan 2016

                      NIL, 19 Jan 2016why celcom sim cannot put into lenovotry rename emei numbers. sometimes celcom and tune talk sim can't detect network on that device.. :)

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                        • NIL
                        • ibY
                        • 19 Jan 2016

                        why celcom sim cannot put into lenovo

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                          • AnonD-486624
                          • vV5
                          • 10 Jan 2016

                          diz phone has beast spec for gaming , octa core 1.6Ghz cpu ,selfie maniacs is not recommended to buy diz phone.. if u having problem with rom/ ram u should root ur phone and remove all the junk bloatwares.. use kingroot (not kingoroot) + purify app.. kingroot is not available in playstore tho.. after remove all the bloatwares use cleanmaster ti clean up junks and u should cleared around 1-2gb from ur phone, and as dir my advise dont install toi much app into ur phone..

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                            • borber
                            • sF{
                            • 21 Dec 2015

                            Aite, if you guys have any trouble with apps auto download (the malwares), here's what you should do:
                            1. Go to setting
                            2. Go to apps
                            3. Go to all apps
                            4. Search for apps name (1. Dev, 2. Lin init, 3. Update, 4. Sync)
                            5. Disable all 4 apps. And you're done.

                            Or download 'badappdetector' from play store and let it search for the malwares.
                            And if you guys got root, you can uninstall them by using any root uninstaller in play store.

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                              • Johan
                              • wc6
                              • 13 Dec 2015

                              For the price I paid....overall this is a good budget device. Sure..it skips on a few things like having a low ROM and the camera leaves a lot to be desired. But the screen size is optimal for a budget daily driver.

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                                • jbs
                                • Mbt
                                • 26 Nov 2015

                                touch screen problem internal storage low

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                                  • kirisaki
                                  • RII
                                  • 25 Nov 2015

                                  dont buy this phone...u will get malware.this the worst handphone i ever bought

                                    • a
                                    • accent
                                    • fu%
                                    • 22 Nov 2015

                                    the worst phone i have ever used, prone to malware, worst picture quality

                                      • m
                                      • mynameis
                                      • PxM
                                      • 09 Nov 2015

                                      .apps just load on spontaneously and it still comes back even you was clean it..was re format many times but still same..only 8 months i used it then my phone cant use anymore..

                                        • z
                                        • zec
                                        • PTG
                                        • 05 Nov 2015

                                        I think the camera very poor , so poor the front camera like so dark i hope u guys can upgrade the camera if u can