Lenovo announces two more Phab devices, Phab2 and Phab2 Plus

Enrique, 09 June, 2016

Lenovo's Tech World took place today live from San Fransisco where the newly owned Motorola and Lenovo announced a two new smartphone lineups for both the Moto and Lenovo brands. The Lenovo Phab2 Pro is the first consumer phone to incorporate Tango, Google’s camera system that is able to detect physical objects in 3D.

The other two Lenovo phones don’t have Tango built in. For the price, they are compelling devices that give other budget phones a run for their money. Lenovo will release these devices in the US with desire to reach for a better presence in the US mobile market.

Like the Lenovo Phab2 Pro, both the Phab2 and Phab2 Plus have 6.4 inch screens. The Phab2 has a 720p IPS screen, quad-core MediaTek 8735 CPU paired with 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage expandable via microSD card slot, and 13 MP camera.

Lenovo Phab2 Lenovo Phab2 Lenovo Phab2
Lenovo Phab2

The Phab2 Plus is the middle tier of the lineup. Unlike the Phab2, the Plus version has a 1080p IPS screen of the same 6.4 inches. The CPU gets a bump up to a quad-core MediaTek 8783 and the same 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage also expandable via microSD.

Lenovo Phab2 Plus Lenovo Phab2 Plus Lenovo Phab2 Plus
Lenovo Phab2 Plus

The Phab2 Plus gets a significant upgrade in the camera department when compared to the Phab2. The Plus model gets a dual camera setup for changing backgrounds, and refocusing after taking images, complete with a laser autofocus sensor, and rear mounted fingerprint scanner.

The Phab2 and Phab2 Plus are going to be released this summer and will be aggressively priced at $199 and $299, respectively. They’ll be available worldwide by September with the US likely to get dibs before then. It should be very interesting to see Lenovo’s future in the mobile industry from the US’ point of view.



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Google it yourself GPU Benchmarks and user reviews are all around the internet Mediatek uses the old Mali GPUs which are known to lag behind the current chipset competitors Duh!

  • Anonymous
  • 10 Jun 2016
  • 3uW

Phab2 looks like it runs ICS....

Wouldn't work in the US or any other developed market. People in these countries prefer smaller phones. Ironically these phones sell really well in India and China.

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