Lenovo K12 Pro

Lenovo K12 Pro

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2020Apple doesn't have punch hole selfie cameras and this ... morewell what they do have is a square camera housing. i know that huawei had that first, but look at the placement tho. it literally has the same housing placement as the 11 pro/12 pro series

  • goozoo

it's well priced and has a big battery
it's supports MSD CART
it's has the audio jack Wich is a most
its has an small punch in the left Wich is best type and position for selfie camera after popup ones

only problem is it's screen
the screen is HD and 60hz
it would be better if it was FHD 120hz
for this sub 200$ price IPS display is ok
Lenovo CEO please use your brain its 2021 and this phone is 6.8 inch big you should put an FHD 120hz display on it

  • Anonymous

babak, 09 Dec 2020designs are boring, apple design once and after that all ma... moreApple doesn't have punch hole selfie cameras and this is not an iPhone design

  • hhhhh

buy pocophone m3,, have 395 ppi (1080p)

  • Dan

This is a rebranded Moto G9 Power.

  • babak

designs are boring, apple design once and after that all manufacturer copy same design and release hundreds of phones

  • Ugabugabuga

What's "pro" about it lol

  • And So

Why so big and heavy, this phone is mid-ranged, at least it has a 6000mah and a 64 cam.

  • Anonymous

when 300gr weight phones becomes ordinary.

  • Gary

Lenovo phones usually are different than Motorola ones. Sold in some market only. Other UI,other build quality , also in this model looks like NFC included

  • Anonymous

Nick R, 25 Nov 2020Why Realme 7 5G?Why u keep spamming Realme 7 5G Blok!

  • Joe

They should've just kept this as a Lenovo phone. Compared to the G(8) Power, a lot of cutbacks were made for the next-gen Moto G Power:
1) SD662 offers a 2-5% increase in power compared to SD665
2) Stereo speakers are now gone
3) If you thought G8 Power's additional cameras sucked, wait till you try the 2 2mpx cameras that supplement the 64mpx sensor (It's 2020 Lenovo! Just put one good camera and we'll take it just like we took the pixels. Add in OIS and we'll actually get one camera that's worth having instead of 2-3 useless ones)
4) Still runs on Android 10, which probably means it will have the same update cycle as the G8 Power.
5) Screen got bigger but was downgraded to 720p+. I can understand that this was mainly done to give the device more battery life and performance, but the bigger the screen is, the more you tend to notice low PPI
I'm glad I decided not to wait for this abomination and grabbed the G(8) Power. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but the battery life is great and while that's what I was looking for in my next phone, the overall features are well balanced (I don't use NFC so for me it's no big deal that it's absent here)

  • Sony fan

y75, 25 Nov 2020Why make the phone big 6.8 inches but the screen is 720pMaybe for old semi blind users?

  • fortnite

IQ Realme 7 5G ?

  • Nick R

y75, 25 Nov 2020Why make the phone big 6.8 inches but the screen is 720pWhy Realme 7 5G?

  • jack K need iPhone

Realme 7 5G ????????

A whole 23 g heavier than the Poco M3.

Why make the phone big 6.8 inches but the screen is 720p

  • Not Bad

Probably a nice device, but they must keep the price competitive. Hopefully

64 mp is tooo much for that cpu
You must wait for 7sec to see your photo...
Hope you get it