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  • Pavlov

If I don't restart it at least ones a week the phone stops receiving calls which you might not notice before is too late and you already have a lot of missed calls. Mine is updated to Android 6.0.0.
I was tipped that Android 6.0.1 solves this problem with other brands but unfortunately, there is no update to that Android version for Lenovo K5 Note Vibe (that is the exact model of my phone). I hope that Lenovo will notice the complainings and make the Android update possible.

  • Practical Man

Lenovo K5 Note: I have been using this phone now for an year. Now network IC starts to give problem which led to network signal reception issue and very slow internet speed.

Service Center man told, K3, K4 and K5 Note series phones have this network IC problem and suggested me to not to go for such phones. No way. They are gone now. Now, in may case, I have to replace the board (for which I can buy a new phone, as he suggested) or go for a new one. So, I am going to spend about another 10 k for another year.

Mobile phones have become USE & THROW devices now a days. Spend money judiciously according to your need alone. Don't waste your money and lose your mental peace.

Verdict: Guys, no more looking back at LENOVO. Thanks for eating my peace.

  • Satheesh

Smita, 21 Jun 2018Been using it since beginning of 2017. The phone is K5 Vibe... moreMay be you are talking about Lenovo Vibe K5. This one is Vibe K5 Note

  • ricky

dont buy lenovo mobile its getting very slow worst mobile product ever

  • Joie

Me too , i don't want to buy this kind of phone , lenovo is low

  • Im52

Been using this phone for a year and it still satisfied my needs. Its a good budget phone i can tell, depend how you use your phone.

  • V

I've been using Lenovo K5 Note for almost two years now. I don't recommend it. Right from the start, it would often hang and reboot randomly. There was a point when the camera suddenly stopped working for a few days. It would appear to take photos but it wouldn't store them at all even if I had lots of free storage left. It eventually corrected itself just as suddenly. The fingerprint sensor has stopped working after a little over a year of use. No heating problems when playing games, although it's not really made for that as the screen isn't that responsive to fast, successive taps. For example, in MOBAs, you might think you already tapped the ultimate button but it turns out you didn't, leading to some unpleasant consequences in a team fight.

I don't want to do a factory reset, which might or might not fix the fingerprint sensor problem. I don't want to reset my game progress, and I'm buying a new phone soon anyway.

Probably one good thing I could say about it is that the battery still hasn't shown signs of declining capacity after almost two years. It's still good, as well as the original charger. It also seems pretty sturdy. I've dropped it a few times and accidentally splashed some water on it, but it still works. But it has made me swear off Lenovo phones in the future.

  • Balraj

Don't buy this phone. It has lots of problems. Mine is not supporting volte.

  • ragh

The Lenovo Vibe K5 Note is very bad phone compare to other phone. Its battery to take to much time to full charge. The screen is more slippery and mic also not work longtime. Totally the performance of this phone is very bad.

  • Double images

Display is getting down by down.....

  • Salman

Touch problem I replaced it 3 times very worst mobile

  • Numsy

Have used my k5 note for a year and a half now, bought it from Flipkart and considering that I spent 13k for it, I expect a phone to give decent service for atleast 2 years. But in this case, Lenovo has given me trouble from the start. A summary of the problems:
1- Original charger stopped functioning within 7-8 months.
2- No headphones given for a phone costing 13k.
3- Terrible battery issues- battery sometimes stays for upto 30 mins after the 15% mark, but many times phone shuts down within a minute of reaching 15% mark. Haven't experienced this with any other phone.
4- The charging port developed a problem after a year, due to which the phone wouldn't charge at all, so had to have that repaired at a nominal cost. Within 6 months of that repair, my phone is again refusing to charge or charging very very slowly (10% in an hour), so in all likelihood, will have to buy a new phone!

All in all, not really a worth-buy model. Been a disappointing experience for me.

  • Smita

Been using it since beginning of 2017. The phone is K5 Vibe though, not Note, but mine came with the Note Snapdragon for some unknown reason. All Vibe K5s are with Snapdragon 415 4x 1,5 and 4x 1,2 or s.th like that. There was a discussion I found, that some phones had better CPU like mine does- Snapdragon 616 with 4x1,7 and 4x s.th GHz. Really fast phone for 2GB RAM, and why to have Marshmallow or whatever? The Android 5.1 is a rocket, and delivers everything you need. It downloads torrent movies while streaming at the same time. Most of the regular use time it has 50% RAM free, like 900MB free out of 1,9GB. The phone is so much more than I expected, I will be buying a well preserved K5/6 Note, or one of the last new pcs I find soon.

Theomba, 04 May 2018I'm using Lenovo K5 Note A7020a40 for 10 months now and pho... moreJust uninstall truecaller and restart it will clear

PKM1, 25 Apr 2018It has a very peculiar problem of rebooting automatically. ... moreUninstall truecaller and restart it will restart quickly

Lenovo k5 just Rock's like anything I bought my lovely k5 in 2017 may till now my k5 does not the meaning of hangnor lag .it is better than redmi note 4 exception of battery back up but k5 gives beat battery back 6 hours in on screen and one and half day with quite heavy usage.compare to redmi note 4 it is best


Anonymous, 21 May 2017Please, any rooting app for Marshmallow without computer To improve my phone style themes

  • Aliya

AnonD-549906, 07 Apr 2018its phone support otg?Yeah its support


last one year i got some time problems... (1) timing not changed in screen display (2) fast battery drain (3) charger board problem, not charging (4) system slow & hanging.. (5) over heat
totally i am not satisfied..

  • Ramesh

Mostly hanging and touch problemss