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Lenovo K860

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  • Dart
  • KgW
  • 25 May 2016

can someone help me about upgrading my lenovo k860 android version to 4.2.1? what version of rom should i download? where can i download it? my phone is laggy, freezes, restarts itself. thanks in advance

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    • Mort
    • wHr
    • 11 Jan 2016

    i have Lenovo K860... when i use my WiFi or Data .. my phone is getting hang up and automatic restart. please help me with this problem.

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      • Anonymous
      • xqe
      • 01 Sep 2015

      Could I use this phone in South America?

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        • AnonD-433788
        • v1x
        • 26 Aug 2015

        I have it since 2012 :) Its good that it is durable. Only one thing I dont want here is, there is no update until now. Market has a kitkat version but nothing change for lenove k860 since its released

          • h
          • haze
          • t7X
          • 08 Jan 2015

          Erik Solo, 09 Dec 2014I'm planning to buy this lenovo k860,Before I place order, ... moreThe Cam is good.. very good especially it has dual flash... i have mine for almost 1 year...

            • E
            • Erik Solo
            • rKa
            • 09 Dec 2014

            I'm planning to buy this lenovo k860,Before I place order, I would like to know whether its camera is working well or not???(flash capacity)Please somebody help me out...

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              • Anonymous
              • 7Xc
              • 07 Nov 2014

              hans, 17 Oct 2014hi . I just want a little help from you guys. I have a prob... moreyou can throw it to the garbage i guess

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                • hans
                • t7X
                • 17 Oct 2014

                hi . I just want a little help from you guys. I have a problem on my lenovo k860. It accidentally fell of the floor. Then, it doesn't turn on and my battery loosen. What will I do? I already bring this to the technician but they can't help me. Anyone who knows what will I do? Just the idea before I will let the technician open it.

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                  • AnonD-306997
                  • 4Y%
                  • 13 Sep 2014

                  My friend gave me this phone to use before I get a IPhone 6..but it sucks unfortunately..of course its battery is amazing cuz its Lenovo but the worst part is I CAN NEVER TURN IT ON!!!!!! Im just like wtfffff...I had to set a auto turn on and off but then every time it runs out of power I just kind of don't have a phone until it automatically turns on..ugh..Im that kind of person who cant go a day without a phone so I strongly recommend not to buy this phone

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                    • Olem Trese
                    • HvX
                    • 26 Aug 2014

                    K860 restart by itself ... then 4gb internal memory only supposed to be 8gb... Few service center ... For gaming even having large memory storage it hung up.

                      • R
                      • Ripon
                      • XuM
                      • 24 Aug 2014

                      lenovo s890 is best.....i....lv this phone.....using this phone since 2013.....no problems ever....

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                        • amit
                        • BLm
                        • 19 Aug 2014

                        Have been using it for last 18 months, had been to service centre twice and the service provided was good and prompt.
                        It was one of the few quad Core phone with 1 GB ram when it was launched, but Lenovo has come up with better newer models

                          • p
                          • papi
                          • Nvd
                          • 22 Jul 2014

                          best phone 4 cores and big screen no problems at all using it for 8 months now

                            • s
                            • sudhi
                            • uwJ
                            • 18 Jul 2014

                            worst phone..dont buy it. call quality is v
                            ery poor. the service centers of lenovo dont respond properly. lenovo proven its self to be waste chinese brand.never buy any lenovo phone

                              • W
                              • Wow
                              • 6cc
                              • 23 Jun 2014

                              Which one i must buy k860 or s660

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                                • faye
                                • wYB
                                • 21 Jun 2014

                                AnonD-113972, 11 Aug 2013Its upgradable jellybean 4.2.1 since april.. how to upgrade the os of lenovo k860 from ics to jelly bean version?

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                                  • shono
                                  • Trm
                                  • 14 Jun 2014

                                  i m using this mobile last 7days.and today mobile one speaker not working. very dispointed for me.

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                                    • 12312312312312312312
                                    • 9DH
                                    • 07 Jun 2014

                                    worst phone. often lag, freeze, restart itself. I just use it for support my work and never gaming. The touch often no respon after few seconds typing activity and then the LCD blink once and typing normal again but it will repeat again no respond, lcd blink and then and then..

                                      • a
                                      • andy
                                      • t}d
                                      • 24 May 2014

                                      can i use my reliance cdma sim in this k860

                                        • s
                                        • siva
                                        • KAY
                                        • 20 May 2014

                                        can it be upgraded to kitkat?