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  • Arne_B
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  • 25 Sep 2012

To root the Phone do this (that's what I understood from a Chinese website):
- Set the phone to USB debugging in the settings
- Make sure drivers are installed and the phone is recognized well by the default phone PC software
- Close all the PC phone software applications
- Make sure no other android or smart/USB-device is connected except for the phone itself.
Download this file: http://www.mediafire.com/?o458jf8e02cr930
- Unzip it and launch the .exe (executable file) with the Chinese characters (should be first .exe in directory). Launch it with Administrator privileges.
- The shell should start the root process.
- The phone will automatically restart, don't touch it or any button, don't interrupt the shell program!!
- Now after the reboot you should press a key.
- The shell program should continue, the phone will restart again!
- Again press a key to continue and wait for the shell program to reboot your phone for the third time (this can take some time).
- When rebooted the operations was successful should appear in the shell program.
- Now your K860 is rooted! Look for the root app in your phone to confirm. If rooting didn't work, try this process again.

I want to note that I'm not responsible for any bricked phone by using this rot process! I didn't do it myself yet, so it's all your own risk!.

Original source: http://lenovo.zol.com.cn/176/1763_1754547.html

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    • sderickg123
    • t7y
    • 10 Sep 2012

    can you root dis phone? if u can please post a tutorial. tnx! PLEASE!

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      • whatever
      • bJy
      • 09 Sep 2012

      What about nfc and hdmi out?

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        • Anonymous
        • X3t
        • 09 Sep 2012

        Phoenix, 31 Aug 2012Lovely indeed!What about hdmi out and nfc

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          • Nonimoose
          • tWh
          • 04 Sep 2012

          AnonD-69836, 04 Sep 2012does this phone support gyroscope? it sad if this phone doe... moreAlmost every smartphone today has a gyroscope. So no problem.

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            • AnonD-69836
            • t7y
            • 04 Sep 2012

            does this phone support gyroscope? it sad if this phone does not spport gyroscope. we can not play need for speed with gyroscope :(

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              • ~flow~
              • uFv
              • 04 Sep 2012

              hope this model lands in the Philippines..

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                • Phoenix
                • pTh
                • 31 Aug 2012

                Lovely indeed!