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  • Raj

Such a worse brand lenovo. this is my 2nd lenovo mobile(K8 note), its starting the problem. Once I contact Aut. service centre, they are telling to change the mother board, which price is more than new mobile. Never go with Lenovo brand.


my cell lenovo note 8.switch off&on.not working

  • Niranjan

NEVER BUY.The life span of this phone is maximum 1.5 to 2 years. I bought this phone on August 2018 and this full featured phone was working perfectly for 15 months. But then one by one, I started getting issues. First the charger circuit got damaged all of a sudden and I had to change it( remember the charger circuit is incorporated with the mic and vibrator), which means on replacing the circuit, you will lose Dolby and noise cancelling mic. After few days,the charger adapter got damaged, this never happens usually, that too in a yr. Later I started getting network issues, after that I got battery problems.Note that I don't charge my phone all night and I don't do any stuff thats unhealthy for phone. I have already spent nearly 1000 rs to fix problems but I'm getting new and new problems like magic! You will have no indication that there's going to be a problem, all of a sudden you'll get new issues. I believe that all positive comments about this phone must be from persons who haven't used it for more than a year, because till the warranty period, the phone will be Diamond. After that, it will go off like a bulb fuse.

  • mau

Not Good for online game always stuttering even at low resolution using mobile date or WIFI,
better change new Phone, a waste of money. not anymore from Lenovo

  • vicky

processor is very slow. videos running very slow. always shows low signals. waste of money

  • Sage

I have a temporary solution.

Remove the sims from the mobile.
Restart and recharge to 100%.
Now u can use K8 note for watching videos, reading ebooks etc.
You can use the sims removed in a better handset.
Dont put the sims back in Lenove K8 note.

The reason for K8 Note switch off is 100% CPU utilisation (After Oreo update) without any reason.

  • Kolo

anandk, 18 Sep 2019This is very disappointing that Lenovo K 8 note stop working wit... moreI am ready.. same problem just after a year

  • Anonymous

Prasad, 29 Jun 2019Lenovo K8 Note fails after 14 months. The motherboard is gone an... moreI too.

  • vinod

I purchsed Lenovo K8 note one year ago, after one year my phone is not working due to mother board failure. There is Mother board failure issue in Lenovo k8 note brand.

  • happyuser

never encountered major problem about this phone.. best advise for new user here is that done you ever upgrade this OS. dont! no update no problem. been using this for 18 months stock OS since purchased.

  • Ase

Nader977, 06 Nov 2019For all people who is facing issues with this phone, please try ... moreNo software update available I'm disappointed with this company

I suggest users of this phone to unlock it's bootloader and then install a custom rom on it , As its software is really terrible

  • Tomsc

I suffer from similar problem with the phone restarting, overheating and generally inconveniencing, 6 months after purchase.
Now that K8 Note Phone has issues.
What is the ultimate solution from the company?

mahesh gaikwad, 26 Dec 2019mobile autometicaly on of problem only 1.5 year ol my phone " n... moreNo need to go to Service center, look for the apps which are affecting the phone, uninstall unnecessary apps like Cleaner, Theme changing apps.

  • Ratan

useless product .started malfunctioning(screen not opening ,automatic opening of various app and so on) within 6 months. And very disappointing response from service Centre

  • mahesh gaikwad

mobile autometicaly on of problem only 1.5 year ol my phone " not problem lenevo store "store employes say's pay 8000 cost to solve this problem. very bad experience do not purches this phone

  • Venkat

pramod, 06 Nov 2019last 2 WEEKS My lenvo k8Note Mobile Automatic against and agains... moreSame my phone no solution

  • Venkat

Ravichandran, 01 Dec 2019Lenova k8 note coming from company factory with mother board &am... moreMy phone auto on off no solution one yrs only use waste Lenovo mobile

  • Vishu

Ravichandran, 01 Dec 2019Lenova k8 note coming from company factory with mother board &am... moreSame problem faced by everyone now just try that no of known one purchase Lenovo product

  • Ravichandran

Vijay , 10 Oct 2019Exactly . . . The response is worst . . . My mobile got reboot i... moreLenova k8 note coming from company factory with mother board & software problem.people with out knowing they r purchasing . maximum life for this phone 1 year only.I faced auto on,off problem after one year . mobile not working now.many people are suffering the same issue. If lenova is good company they must rectify this problem free of cost for their customers.Middle class people tearing from eyes for purchased this model .I will not buy recommend lenova products in future.They r looting money from public.