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Amazing phone, beast when it comes to gaming. Battery good, screen and sound is super good. Camera is good enough kinda surprise me sometimes. Software support could be better, but been in contact with Lenovo and they say it's so many different models so it takes time to test all updates. So not fast updates can take many months before even one. But this ok as long everything works 👌

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    • Anonymous
    • swC
    • 20 Oct 2021

    It doesn't have the option to add multiple users, that most android phones have, it is very important for me, so got the phone yesterday and I return it.

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      • Anonymous
      • skr
      • 22 Sep 2021

      It has worse QA than ROG 5 and that one isn't much better either.

      But at least this thing goes often for €380 here, so you could take that risk.

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        • Junior
        • 3SR
        • 16 Sep 2021

        Is it normal to wiggles the câmera with your finger i am worried somenthing loose inside de selfie camera
        Thank you .

          Dr CGB, 14 May 2021Powerhouse hardware, abysmal software support. OTA updates ... moreNot true amazing phone I'm from the UK and this is the best phone I've had in years

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            • Anonymous
            • HBd
            • 31 Aug 2021

            350€ in Portugal

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              • AnonD-989117
              • xCD
              • 18 Aug 2021

              600$ or 30,000 ₱ in the philippines 16 gigabyte ram and 512 gigabyte internal storage model

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                • Sarkirssian
                • 6sR
                • 30 Jul 2021

                Sarkirssian, 19 Jul 2021Now at 449.90€ at Portugal.369.90€

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                  • Sarkirssian
                  • 6sR
                  • 19 Jul 2021

                  Now at 449.90€ at Portugal.

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                    • Dr CGB
                    • pKv
                    • 14 May 2021

                    Powerhouse hardware, abysmal software support. OTA updates seem broken for the first 6 months, and I was only able to update using Lenovo's software tools. Version support, plus a major update to Android 11, became available in the UK only this month, but the update has severe flaws - notifications are screwed-up, the accessibility menus simply no longer work, and sometimes browsing the Google news feed causes the phone to reboot.
                    Stay far away from this and other Lenovo phones.

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                      • Starsplash
                      • StU
                      • 23 Apr 2021

                      RKM0114, 23 Mar 2021Got the duel (International version) and have it working on... moreIf your having software issues, the genuine Lenovo & Motorola, Rescue and Smart Assistant will help you to to fix issues, errors, bugs, also check on firmware/security Patches/updates also the tool can re-install firmware for the Lenovo Legion Dual Phone international version. It is a pc app from Lenovo/Motorola that you download and install on a Windows PC or laptop. Connecting your legion dual phone via USB. The tool is essential for those who have problem software issues on the legion dual phone. The tool is not to be used on the Lenovo Legion Pro Chinese variant with a custom global rom. Lenovo never released a official global rom for the Legion Pro Chinese variant.


                      Admin I kindly ask not remove this important information for those require such help.

                      Thanks a lot...

                        Got the duel (International version) and have it working on AT&T in NY. Love the hardware and build. The battery life and charging speed is incredible. Especially being able to use 2 chargers on it at the same time. Very quick device. The downfall is the software and lack of support. The Display menu is "Blank" and the Fingerprint scanner doesn't work at all. I will hold out for a software update to see if these issues get resolved. Their are other little annoyances that you need to work out such as some permissions for the "Do not Disturb" are missing and have to use a widget (NovaLauncher) to make a short cut to the setting you need. Just dumb stuff like this so far. I like the pop up camera location and the Motorola quick actions (shake for flashlight) (twist to open camera). I have Gcam added as an alternate option for the stock camera. So far so good.

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                          • Komutan Nikola
                          • 6vU
                          • 10 Mar 2021

                          i Think its By $1850

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                            • beep bop boop
                            • GYi
                            • 03 Mar 2021

                            Arghhh..., 25 Jan 2021New Legion phone arrived - would not keep network, android ... morewait for the upcoming ROG phone 5 which is expected to release this month

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                              • Arghhh...
                              • JiV
                              • 25 Jan 2021

                              New Legion phone arrived - would not keep network, android error internal problem, unstable device.
                              Lenovo - we do not support phones, go to Motorola.
                              Motorola - we only support our own phones, not Lenovo.
                              Nice support!

                              Guys any alternatives to this phone? Really only after a great screen and topnotch audio/speakers for films and using stadia / geforce now

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                                • Anonymous
                                • fm$
                                • 13 Jan 2021

                                neoskull, 17 Dec 2020Pre ordered it and within 2 week of use observed screen bur... moreLOL...thats Lenovo for you...worst software and no support

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                                  • neoskull
                                  • Dnh
                                  • 17 Dec 2020

                                  Pre ordered it and within 2 week of use observed screen burn-in. The OS is buggy and it doesn't support Dual Apps/Parallel Apps

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                                    • Evilraptor
                                    • NwF
                                    • 30 Nov 2020

                                    I would expect to have a cooling system for this phone but it doest

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                                      • Abdulaziz KSA
                                      • 7P0
                                      • 26 Nov 2020

                                      Anonymous, 09 Nov 2020Does this phone have HDMI supporrYes you can connect Monitor through HDMI

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                                        • Nnnmm
                                        • YQS
                                        • 19 Nov 2020

                                        Nahimul, 02 Nov 2020It's waterproof or notNo