Lenovo Legion Play is an upcoming Android handled console

Michail, 04 October 2021

An interesting new leak appeared depicting a Lenovo Android handheld console. Legion Play will be Lenovo’s answer to Valve’s Steam Deck and Nintendo’s Switch lineup. Lenovo's console was intended to launch at MWC 2021 as evidence retrieved by Liliputing from Lenovo’s website shows though it remains a mystery why it didn't.

Lenovo Legion Play
Lenovo Legion Play

The Legion Play is described as an Android cloud gaming console designed for AAA gaming allowing users to play mobile games and stream their PC game libraries all on one device. The device packs a 7-inch FHD display with HDR 10 support and 16:9 aspect ratio. There are also dual speakers, built-in controllers which are not detachable and a 7,000 mAh battery.

Legion Play front and back Legion Play front and back
Legion Play front and back

The console appears to be running a modified version of Android and one of the screens shows it supports Nvidia's GeForce Now platform. It remains to be seen which other game streaming services will be supported on the device as well as the rest of the hardware details behind it.



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  • Spike

At least it's full hd. I wish we can have 10" OLED screen. That would be perfect

Not because you are ignorant to the AAA android games doesn't mean you have to spread misinformation about Games being all about micro transaction I know for example apex legends is coming to android And I blows my mind that with...

I'll give it to you here, like 6 of the games you mentioned are probably worth playing, but that's it, are you telling me that I need to buy a console to play a total of 6 or even 10 games, while I can buy a real console like the valve stea...

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