Lenovo Legion Pro

Lenovo Legion Pro

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  • Doveybest
  • Nue
  • 10 Jun 2024

Very perfect for my liking
But don't know how to get it here in Nigeria

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    • Redmi pad
    • DEP
    • 16 Feb 2024

    Redmi pad 6/128 chipset 6nm more fast

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      • Anonymous
      • thg
      • 12 Sep 2023

      pieter, 19 Jul 2023its really shamy no updates for this amazing phone! Why???Yeah :( such a shame there's no updates. Also to the owners of the 256gb version, do you guys have storage problems? I'm at 149gb of space consumed and there's only 11gb of storage left I'm so confused. Zarchiver and treesize also reports that it only has 223gb

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        • pieter
        • 3E@
        • 19 Jul 2023

        its really shamy no updates for this amazing phone! Why???

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          • Lonewolf
          • H5R
          • 30 Nov 2022

          Customer service is shocking went in with a charging issue known fault and they tried charging me £588 they completely butchered my phone ,battery was overheating and wouldn't charge past 18% so couldn't factory reset need 30% ,customer service is a absolute joke took them 3 weeks to organise getting my phone ,then they fob you off with excuses buyer beware

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            • Sam
            • 3rB
            • 03 Sep 2022

            Don't bother with legion brand. 2 years and only 3 updates. I can no longer purchase from Android store because there are no security updates. This phone was abandoned by Lenovo from the beginning. My cheaper Lenovo phone 3 years old and completely up to date. Useless platform.

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              • Safiee94
              • fFC
              • 21 Aug 2022

              Bad system update.. only 1 time update and goodbye..

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                • Anonymous
                • mZw
                • 25 Jan 2022

                It is 500 euro and still extreme expensive.

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                  • majid
                  • Hxe
                  • 12 Nov 2021

                  how to fix black screen i have lenovo legion pro but back light is working the in the screen
                  and it happend hem self my phone was in charging plag when i remove it was lust hanging then i just rebot my phone after that my screen didnt work plz help me guys

                    Truong, 05 Jul 2021why ROG 3 now cheaper than legion pro ???Wth legion spec is boosted by its motherboards and it's has many feature on it's won that Lenovo give you and it's has built in fan

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                      • sharafu
                      • nCi
                      • 13 Jul 2021

                      how to format

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                        • Truong
                        • YRu
                        • 05 Jul 2021

                        why ROG 3 now cheaper than legion pro ???

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                          • Leo987
                          • u7Y
                          • 25 Mar 2021

                          Love the hardware and build. The battery life and charging speed is incredible. Especially being able to use 2 chargers on it at the same time. Very quick device. The downfall is the software and lack of support. The Display menu is "Blank" and the Fingerprint scanner doesn't work at all. I will hold out for a software update to see if these issues get resolved. Their are other little annoyances that you need to work out such as some permissions for the "Do not Disturb" are missing and have to use a widget (NovaLauncher) to make a short cut to the setting you need. I like the pop up camera location

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                            • fyi987
                            • u7Y
                            • 25 Mar 2021

                            got one, functioned good but after sometime when i plugged charger, fast charging is not working don't know why but i had better expectations from this.

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                              • Iknowu657
                              • u7Y
                              • 25 Mar 2021

                              Seems like a wannabe gaming phone with some critical shortcomings like, no 3.5mm jack, only 1080p display.The rotating system is shit, auto rotation can't be turned off, but making it seldom rotate the screen and lock it there.

                                • J
                                • JB007
                                • u7Y
                                • 24 Mar 2021

                                not impressed with the cooling features by the way, cause the rampage mode can heat the beast alot.

                                  • M
                                  • Mikealpha
                                  • u7Y
                                  • 24 Mar 2021

                                  Legion's first gaming phone, looks are pretty awesome, with the extraordinary specifications at this cheap rate, really liked a lot. Can't wait to get one, but I wonder if the battery will last longer on rampage mode while playing heavy games. Front cam position is pretty unique.

                                    I just realized something: I saw FM Radio support with a recording function on the spec sheet. If that is real, I'm really surprised to see that despite the absence of a 3.5mm audio jack. It reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy A80.

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                                      • Molotovking
                                      • CAy
                                      • 11 Mar 2021

                                      Ooooh Lord i want this phone. I really want and need it ☺. It'll make me happy

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                                        • Sheld
                                        • sxr
                                        • 08 Mar 2021

                                        Who can read this,a friendly person with a good heart i like this phone. may i have gift from you, just 1. Promise i will take care of it.. 😊😊😉