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Browsing webpages, watching movies, hearing songs, reading books, playing games etc...

  • JoeA

I was unable to complete initial setup. At the first screen of setup I was given an option to continue if I was willing to accept the ToS *and* to participate in the Lenovo User Experience Program, however the setup also includes instructions to "Click here" to opt out of the user experience program.

When selecting the link to opt out, the setup process essentially reached a dead-end. I was presented a screen with a toggle button to opt in/out of the user experience program, but no back, next or continue button. At this point the only way to exit from the opt out screen is to power cycle the tablet which only starts the same process again.

I have worked in technical support for over a decade and am generally able to resolve most technical issues on my own. I tried numerous resources before contacting Lenovo Support, but when I finally broke down and contacted them I was told that I would have to pay extra for software support.

Since I was unable to complete the initial setup without the user experience program, unless I agreed to paying extra for software support, I returned the device as DoA since it is clearly not functioning as intended, and Lenovo Support was unwilling to assist me.

  • Gunvir

Smallest width

  • Asem

This device has no calling features even on the LTE model!!

  • Angad

Is OTG option available.

  • Violet Rachel Lin

ag, 24 Feb 2022what can you do with 2gb ram?Depends. If you use your tab for only reading, 2GB memory is enough.

  • ag

what can you do with 2gb ram?

  • RX7 lol

Great budget tablet, I was able to pick this up w/ 4GB RAM & 2.3GHz for a great price that wasn’t even on discount, performance is good as expected.

My biggest complain however was the IPS panel. It looked greasy (especially during white screen, this ruined the reading experience for me), even with different color-contrasts. Idk if this is a Lenovo-only issue or an IPS issue, just wanted to share this bothersome experience.

  • mihrsak

GSM call, 30 Jan 2022I cannot find call button on desktop. Is that device suppos... moreI look for it also but nothing, it seems that it doesn't have GSM modul

  • GSM call

I cannot find call button on desktop. Is that device supposed to calls or just data transfer?

  • Tgh

Arus, 29 Oct 2021When you say update, is that a full OS update? If so, what... moreThis tablet may come with Android 9 but will upgrade to Android 10 once it is set up

  • Anonymous

Lee, 19 Dec 2021Anyone share a good kid proof case for this?. All the big b... moreLenovo supply their own case for the M10 Plus, at least in Europe, at approximately € 30 a piece. It's sturdy enough, well-made and rather suitable for the use you intend. Google it and decide accordingly.
Happy new year 2022!

  • Lee

Anyone share a good kid proof case for this?. All the big bumper ones I can find are 10.1... Apparently this is a 10.3 inch?...

  • Arus

Foersom, 25 Oct 2021Received software update of 2021-09-09.When you say update, is that a full OS update?
If so, what version of Android is it now running?

Received software update of 2021-09-09.

MladenJ, 23 May 2021Please who got Android so far because I read on the net tha... more@MladenJ
Since buying the M10Plus in 2020-11 I have received at least 3 system updates, most recently 2021-07-20.
Works fine for video and music. I do not play games, I use it for practical apps. Battery last many hours, I do not have an exact time measurement, that would also depend on how bright you set the display back light.
I recommend this tablet, it works very well and it is good value for money. I have bought 4 of this device, that is how good it is.

@Heth 201-07-18
If you had read the comments back to 2020-11-20 you would know the answer that external keyboard, mice and USB memory works. The USB-C port is OTG.
I have tried with USB-C video adapter from Belkin. That does NOT work on Lenovo M10Plus.
For reference the Belkin adapter does work with my smartphone Shift 6mq (a phone too exclusive to be listed on GSMArena).

  • Anonymous

phyz2D, 02 Jun 2021can u plug it to an external monitor? using adapters ? Around 10k

  • Doe

It has 5000mah battery

  • Anonymous

Will the Lenovo Active Pen 2 work on this model?
I have seen a link that says it's not supported, but I have also seen an Indian version that comes with the pen already....