Lenovo M10 Plus

Lenovo M10 Plus

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  • Egeroff

Scratch resistant display? 🤔

Samsung tab a 2019 copy. Same resolutionen, Same design, Same camera mp And like Same screen border.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2021Microphone?yes

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

ariel, 06 Jan 2021can I use a pen on this model No don't buy this tab I had lost my ₹35,000. Waste of money! 😭😭

  • Kiran

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2020People commenting about the battery size, that is the gen2 ... moreTha ks

  • ariel

can I use a pen on this model

  • khaled

Nikosmad, 29 Nov 2020Bought the 128GB / 4GB X606F version, but the battery is 50... moreare this model accept 4G SIM Card as phone

I purchase this Tab through online
in the spec they promise 7000 mah battery
but in the tab case clearly mentioned 5000 mah
any way this is a nice tab in mid range
thank you LENOVO

I have the lenovo m10 4gb ram I can say it's not from any game it's good for reading and watching videos only nothing more

  • anas

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2020Please update this to indicate that battery is 5000mah. I b... moreChina version only is 7000mah


  • Anonymous

People commenting about the battery size, that is the gen2 model, which is here: https://www.gsmarena.com/lenovo_tab_m10_hd_gen_2-10406.php

  • Anonymous

Please update this to indicate that battery is 5000mah. I bought this tablet on the basis of your spec (foolishly), and the spec is wrong.

  • Nikosmad

Bought the 128GB / 4GB X606F version, but the battery is 5000mAh instead of 7000mAh.

  • BimBeauty

Anyone have issues with the headphone jack? I bought the Wifi version 2 months ago and returned it because sound played through the plug-in headphones and the loud speakers at the same time. I bought a second unit and it has the same problem. Both units were new (not used).

Nice tablet. Paid 199 € for 64 GB flash mem and 4 GB RAM, TB-X606F (Wifi only).
Not stated but the USB C supports OTG. Tested to work with keyboard, mouse and USB flash-mem stick.
Specs here says no radio, but it does have FM radio.
Bought with Android 9, received update to Android 10 in 2020-11.
Features missing I would have liked: NFC, Galileo GNSS.

  • XJ

it just got an update to Android 10 - i am very pleased with Lenovo´s decision

  • Anonymous

This tablet has an FM radio and it comes with the tuning software. Something must be plugged in the headphone jack to be used as an antenna. I use a 3.5mm extendable antenna and the tablet speaker to hear my local broadcast.

It lasted for 12 hours with 5% remaining. Very impressive!

Got mine from Walmart at US$173 64GB ROM 4GB RAM. I am testing the battery life with the 5000mAh battery. So far 3 hours, 76% remaining.

Display brightness: 65%
Sound: about 50%
Video: YouTube Vlogs