Moto G4 review: Lenovated


GSMArena team, 01 July 2016.


It depends on the region, but the Moto G4 comes in single and dual-SIM versions. We have a single-SIM model for testing.

The dialer should be quite familiar. It's split into three tabs - favorites (with big thumbnails), call log and all contacts. There's no mention of Wi-Fi calling, however (even though previous Motos supported it), there's only SIP calling.

Favorite contacts - Moto G4 review Call log - Moto G4 review All contacts - Moto G4 review
Favorite contacts • Call log • All contacts

The Moto G4 has a single speaker, but it's positioned on the front. That's almost as good as front facing speakers (sans the stereo), right? Well, the speaker is decently strong and got a Good mark. That's still below the Very Good that the 3rd generation Moto G got. While not the loudest, the G4 offers a strong and clean sound for listening to music.

Speakerphone testVoice, dB Pink noise/ Music, dB Ringing phone, dB Overall score
Oppo F1 Plus 66.3 66.2 65.9 Below Average
Meizu m3 note 66.5 64.6 71.7 Average
Moto G4 64.7 70.8 72.8 Good
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 66.5 66.6 75.8 Good
vivo V3Max 74.7 75.8 68.0 Good
Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen 75.7 69.6 75.9 Very Good
Meizu MX5 75.7 73.5 79.5 Excellent

Messaging and text input

The Moto G4 comes with Google Messenger pre-installed (it's the default SMS app) as well as Hangouts. Messenger is a relatively new app that handles SMS and MMS and it behaves a lot like a modern IM app. You can snap a photo and send it in seconds or send short audio recordings, emojis and so on.

Google Messenger - Moto G4 review Google Messenger - Moto G4 review Google Messenger - Moto G4 review Google Messenger - Moto G4 review
Google Messenger

However, unlike Hangouts it does not support Gmail chat or voice calling, video calling or anything that doesn't fit into MMS. Also, Google now has Allo and Duo for texting/video chats so figuring out which Google app you're supposed to use is a puzzle.

Text input, naturally, is handled by the Google keyboard. It's fast, it's accurate, it's reliable and it has plenty of configuration options. You can enable one-handed mode by long-pressing the comma key, adjust the keyboard height, the layout (e.g. you may want QWERTZ), enable additional symbols on long-press and change the theme. Typing, swiping and voice dictation are available.

Google Keyboard - Moto G4 review One-handed view - Moto G4 review Landscape - Moto G4 review
Google Keyboard • One-handed view • Landscape

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