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Lenovo P770

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  • 06 Aug 2018

2018 & still used it.

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    • Anonymous
    • IW@
    • 02 Feb 2018

    Unbelievable phone. My very first smartphone which had a huge 3500mAh battery at that time (2012) and removable battery too! After 4 years of daily use (I love its FM radio that doesn't need headphones to play out FM stations daily via loudspeaker), the battery became swollen/bloated. Guess what? Third party battery replacements are very much available even until now, more than 5 years after the phone has been released so bought one for less than $10 and now, the phone is functional again. Amazing because it is now going towards its 6th year! The 3rd party removable battery saved it. The only downside is its lack of storage space having only 4GB internal memory which is not enough for Google apps which cannot be movedbto sd card at all. But even then, more than worth the investment.

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      • ar86
      • tDS
      • 04 Oct 2017

      This was my first android phone, now waiting for lenovo p3.

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        • shah
        • vV5
        • 18 Feb 2017

        pm, 12 Mar 2016Some apps cant move to sd card its very difficulty .. Space... moreyou can try root and devide for usb storage to internal storage.u can search the internet find out how to root and devide your storage.example 3.20gb to internal and 80mb to usb.try it..

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          • Anonymous
          • uu9
          • 05 Jan 2017

          finally replacing my rock solid p770 after 3.5yrs..
          phone has internal memory drawback and gps is a failure..
          but the sturdiness is amazing.. it felt many times on hard roads but it looks perfect without a crack or scratch..Thanks P770 for your amazing service and battery.. i didnt get a need to replace battery :)

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            • AnonD-9680
            • f{9
            • 01 Jan 2017

            katanashi, 07 May 2016Why I can't use my data connection ? It always says check y... moreAre you able to access data (same SIM card), from any other phone?

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              • AnonD-9680
              • f{9
              • 01 Jan 2017

              Rosky, 09 Apr 2016all apps use only WiFi can anyone help me outCan you please elaborate?

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                • AnonD-9680
                • f{9
                • 01 Jan 2017

                Robby, 12 Feb 2016My WiFi is not operating how can I fix this problem, please... moreDid you try restarting the phone? If you already did, then try to "forget" the access point and connect it again as a new access point.

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                  • AnonD-9680
                  • f{9
                  • 01 Jan 2017

                  Isac varghese k, 01 Nov 2016How can i connect my lenovo p770 to pcI assume that you have got a Windows PC. Just connect using data cable and it should work seamlessly. If it prompts you to install the driver, then do so.
                  Btw, all micro usb cables wont work for data transfer (especially those coming with power banks). You have to use the datacable which came this phone or buy a new one.

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                    • AnonD-9680
                    • f{9
                    • 01 Jan 2017

                    This is a very nice phone with excellent battery backup and sturdiness. The cons are:
                    1. No latest firmware update
                    2. Earpiece loudness is below average
                    3. 4GB internal memory/1GB RAM
                    4. High end video playback

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                      • Isac varghese k
                      • utX
                      • 01 Nov 2016

                      How can i connect my lenovo p770 to pc

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                        • Amira
                        • xF@
                        • 16 Sep 2016

                        hello every one!
                        Actually I have a question! Today I bought a new mobile: Lenovo P770 from amazon site.
                        I wanted to open it, but I couldn't. So I put it in charge and even after 2 hours I can not turn it on.. Is it normal? shall I return the phone?

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                          • AnonD-563297
                          • X%j
                          • 22 Jul 2016

                          My Lenovo P770 mobile phn is doing best performance & its battery back is too good,,

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                            • Prasad
                            • X{Z
                            • 13 Jul 2016

                            Not worth for buying this mobile
                            sometimes Touchpad might not work properly...

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                              • katanashi
                              • t7X
                              • 07 May 2016

                              Why I can't use my data connection ? It always says check your connection although I already turned on my data and every time I switched my WiFi all apps cannot be use it needs to reformat gin pls help pls pls thank you

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                                • AnonD-526292
                                • MmL
                                • 14 Apr 2016

                                It's really very nice phone but the Mediatek chipset makes GPS very very bad.

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                                  • Rosky
                                  • fuv
                                  • 09 Apr 2016

                                  all apps use only WiFi can anyone help me out

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                                    • shiroa
                                    • 6cp
                                    • 01 Apr 2016

                                    still using this phone after 3+ years, well it fell down numerous times but survived, battery performance is the best! I just dont know what phone can replace this! -_-'

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                                      • pm
                                      • Hkt
                                      • 12 Mar 2016

                                      Some apps cant move to sd card its very difficulty .. Space store running out. u cannot download apps more from google play stote and you cannot update any apps, its shows space running out of memory .

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                                        • Robby
                                        • Xje
                                        • 12 Feb 2016

                                        My WiFi is not operating how can I fix this problem, please,help me if any one is out their.. .....