Lenovo P780

Lenovo P780

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  • ABM
  • 7tV
  • 06 Feb 2023

Bought this phone in 2014, still being used in 2023. The phone is fully functional, the buttons are a little harder to press after 9 years but they still work, and surprisingly the battery life still amazes. Very durable and a solid metal back. What a phone.

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    • Mrxi
    • mFv
    • 24 Jan 2023

    Still working.
    Battery life is perfect, 2 SIM cards no issues whatsoever.
    Feature-wise is obsolete, but this phone is one resiliant bastard.

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      • Lutfi.id
      • thw
      • 16 Jun 2021

      Still working ~ 2021.

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        • Nugroho
        • tDS
        • 01 Sep 2019

        Still working until now. Nice phone .great job lenovo.

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          • Anonymous
          • X{W
          • 29 Jun 2018

          Anonymous, 26 Mar 2017Stuck at boot but can go recovery, try hard reset and clear... moreUse charger while booting..Hope it will help you

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            • Anonymous
            • nix
            • 26 Mar 2018

            only battery is good

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              • gadget
              • thv
              • 06 May 2017

              please remind, look phone specification to reprogram what apps your need. Don't over using all of gadget.

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                • Anonymous
                • KZK
                • 26 Mar 2017

                Stuck at boot but can go recovery, try hard reset and clear cashe still stuck at boot

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                  • ghost
                  • s%R
                  • 09 Feb 2017

                  This is 3rd years im using this phone. still using until now. currently im replace with new original battery. old battery still can use, but the efficiency can stay about 12h. Bud sadly to say, no more update for android. last kitkat 4.4.2. If can update to lollipop could be better. So far, i'm happy using this phone. compare with durability, stability & perfomance it worth for me. Compare with nowday smartphone, prige range with same 3years old i buy this phone, u cannot get what u excepted. If nowday got 6000mah phone i should consider to buy one. Just trusted brand Lenovo. My oponion apple strong with stable IOS. Lenovo is strong with their battery perfomañce. Asus too many update software & bug dont like it. Anyway just enjoy using lenovo brand. Just buy original the product

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                    • hemant singh
                    • t7k
                    • 31 Jan 2017

                    sir is this phone 4g supported ?

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                      • RONALD TONGO
                      • wY5
                      • 26 Dec 2016

                      what is new version latest version of lenovo p780 today?

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                        • Anonymous
                        • fuZ
                        • 20 Nov 2016

                        please help me. My Lenovo P780 Android keep on flashing these words on the screen.Unfortunately Contact Manager has stopped working. I cant read or send messages nor dial any number, Ive lost all my contacts, and all saved doc. Please HELP.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • TSQ
                          • 12 Nov 2016

                          My Me, 25 Jul 2015I used this phone fore more than a year, n i never having i... moreNot fake...I bought p780 for my daughter. Initially it was very good, but suddenly now facing the same network problem

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                            • sunil gupta
                            • X}s
                            • 10 Nov 2016

                            bad phones network issues and not supported by its service center.

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                              • qwerty
                              • t7X
                              • 08 Nov 2016

                              please help me my lenovo p780 the messages had lock and disabled when i put a sim card on it the cignal doenst responded I tried many new sim but it couldnt work how can i solve this what should I do?please help me?

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                                • Anonymous
                                • XPX
                                • 07 Nov 2016

                                Shjega, 08 Sep 2016I just bought this phone yesterday, I upgraded it android v... moresend the playstore through shareit or xender. if you dont have send either one first, install it. then send the playstore and install. it will run without fail

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                                  • ali aldemir
                                  • LbC
                                  • 16 Sep 2016

                                  İ am using this phone almost 2 years.its very good for this price.i am using baralajbi's custom rom from needrom its so stable rom.try it

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                                    • Shjega
                                    • fuN
                                    • 08 Sep 2016

                                    I just bought this phone yesterday, I upgraded it android version 4.4.2 it is very good phone especially battery last longer, but my problem is I don't have Google play store in this phone. I downloaded it but, it always show installation fail. Please I need a help on how to install Google play store on this phone.

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                                      • hello
                                      • Mbt
                                      • 07 Sep 2016

                                      playing COC 6 hours non stop and still 30% battery..

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                                        • ajay kumar
                                        • X{s
                                        • 20 Aug 2016

                                        very bad phone network issues a lot of more.