Lenovo P780

Lenovo P780

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  • AnonD-565387
  • p7Q
  • 16 Aug 2016

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2016this phone is utter crap...never had a worse phone. I admit... moreSeriously? do you really know the better phone for 85-100 dollars? i have used it for a year and don't have any problems

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    • Manonmani
    • vV5
    • 10 Aug 2016

    Great phone, so durable, battery was last longer. but internal memory was so sucks.

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      • Anonymous
      • M4J
      • 05 Aug 2016

      this phone is utter crap...never had a worse phone. I admit the battery is a dream, but that is really everything that is good about that phone. it is completely unreliable and stops working a lot, as it is overheating very often

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        • Bluecruiser
        • iia
        • 01 Aug 2016

        I have been using a Lenovo P780 for 18 months, it is reliable and performs all the functions faultlessly as listed in the specs. I bought my phone from Aliexpress at a very reasonable price and have been very happy with it.

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          • AnonD-565387
          • p7Q
          • 28 Jul 2016

          Good! very good! me first smartphone, and i don't want to change it after 1 year of using.

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            • AnonD-565387
            • p7Q
            • 28 Jul 2016

            AnonD-559928, 13 Jul 2016I have this phone since dec. 2013 and, for me, it was very ... moreJust downgrade back to 4.2

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              • AnonD-559928
              • mAN
              • 13 Jul 2016

              I have this phone since dec. 2013 and, for me, it was very good. I say "it was" because after update to android KKT the GPS doesn't work and 2 days ago the SIM 2 suddenly stopped. Now I'm very DISAPOINTED because I must to buy a new phone with the money for my holliday :(((.

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                • D K
                • w46
                • 12 Jul 2016

                I am using this phone from last 2 years. It is one of the best phone i have ever used. Battery life is excellent. Voice quality is good. Only issue is with when mobile data is kept open, it goes off the network sometimes. Best phone.

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                  • B Pradad
                  • 9Fs
                  • 25 Jun 2016

                  It is useless phone,many times hanging problems occur. Proximity sensors not working.....

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                    • boja
                    • NXN
                    • 19 Jun 2016

                    its boring phone in ma life
                    i can't connect it with USB driver
                    ican't switch it & its take 2 days to open it
                    i hate the word meta mode
                    so pls ineed help

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 7kH
                      • 16 Jun 2016

                      lenovo set, 30 May 2016Great phone since 1.6 year of use. long life battery for 1 ... moreSIM insertion slot design is bad. the pins come out and most of the mobile repair shops don';t even agree to repair it. If it is working with anything other than 4g don;t touch it otherwise you curse

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                        • mizi
                        • XPs
                        • 13 Jun 2016

                        Can lenove P780 batery be change...how to open?

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                          • lenovo set
                          • 0TI
                          • 30 May 2016

                          Great phone since 1.6 year of use. long life battery for 1 and half day on use of 3G.
                          fast and nice, even on business use. Just when you have 2 sim cards on and open your 3G,
                          second card stops operating, if you start a call.

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                            • joydgemini
                            • XuT
                            • 30 May 2016

                            have been using the phone since 2 years. . and it was very bad. it's launcher has problem. . it's receiving button won't let you disconnect. . screen costs 8900 so u can't break it's screen thn to add to miseries the service centres are miserable. . can't suggest this phone. . but battery was wonderful. only advantage

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                              • Franck Nour
                              • sjH
                              • 03 May 2016

                              The phone is bugging. launcher is not working properly,
                              the turn on button doesn't work properly. i always have to reset the phone.
                              a bit disappointed

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                                • AnonD-529894
                                • KS7
                                • 24 Apr 2016

                                I have been using this since 2.5 years and faced no problems at all and it's still working perfectly fine. It all depends on the way you maintain it. If you treat it like a soft toy, it will obviously start misbehaving.

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                                  • Ulhas
                                  • f}Y
                                  • 11 Apr 2016

                                  The best mobile. I purchased in August 2014 for Rs. 15500/=/

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                                    • AnonD-524645
                                    • tDC
                                    • 10 Apr 2016

                                    Iavorski, 04 Apr 2016Using Lenovo P780 two and a half years - from September 201... moreYes i too, from des 2013

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                                      • Iavorski
                                      • QJY
                                      • 04 Apr 2016

                                      Using Lenovo P780 two and a half years - from September 2013. Still works perfectly, battery lasts 4 days with two SIM cards active, Data traffic On and Bluetooth On.

                                      Solid, heavy and very reliable.

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                                        • kumkum
                                        • 2Zd
                                        • 03 Apr 2016

                                        Its very good smart phone . I m using since 1.5 years without facing any problem . but recently I m facing one serious issue. .All applications which I don't want are automatically downloaded with my knowledge & its wash out my net balance & also memory of phone . please give me solution for it .