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Matheus Alves, 06 Feb 2024 Hi, since you mentioned wifi, I would like to say that ... moreSimple: Forget the WiFi connection and reconnect again and input the password.
You can also try: Settings -> General Settings -> Reset Options -> Reset WLAN, Bluetooth
The you reconnected to your WiFi again and provide password.

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    • Matheus Alves
    • G27
    • 06 Feb 2024

    Mochi, 15 Dec 2023Wait wait so is there no wifi at all either?

    Hi, since you mentioned wifi, I would like to say that I need help with my Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021 (TB-J716F)

    My tablet recently updated to the ZUI 15.0.423.

    Everything seems to be working fine, expect for one thing: My Wi-Fi connection, especially my wi-fi at home. The tablet is able to connect to the wi-fi, but it keeps saying that my Network "can't provide internet".

    But at the same time, my internet connection is working fine on my other devices. Beyond all that, my tablet is able to acesse the internet in others networks. I have tested it in my girlfriend's and mom's houses and it's working fine.

    I've also tried connecting my tablet to my network via a rj45 cable, using a hub that I own. Even that didn't work. It kept saying that there was no internet connection.

    Could you give a tip on how to solve this? Maybe it's a problem of compatibility with my wifi router at home? How can I discover where is the problem?

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      • Catching Up
      • gnw
      • 25 Jan 2024

      Big download for the latest OS update but the features make it worthy. I'll bring the Pad Pro with me on a trip tomorrow where I can really put it through its paces as a lightweight laptop replacement. Kudos to Lenovo for pushing out these updates.

        I got update android 13,version ZUI 15 and work well♥️

          There's new update 15.0.423 Android 13:

          【Highlights of Upgrade】

          - Android 13 system major version upgrade

          - Support system applications and controls to change the theme color according to the wallpaper color

          - Added power widgets, new page turning widgets, and more information on the desktop

          - Add an application resource library to the global taskbar and call all applications at any time

          - Added a new window menu that supports split-screen and floating window gesture switching, making it easier to change window status.

          - Added Lenovo replacement machine to support quick data migration to new devices

          - The new note application supports Instant memo content import, handwriting conversion to text, one-stroke shaping, and two-finger undo function to help

          【Improved force efficiency】

          - New super interconnection, new application screencasting, fast file transfer, optimized PC to tablet screencasting experience, faster discovery of connected devices

          【More optimizations】

          - Desktop editing mode supports multi-select application batch operations

          - The gallery has been upgraded to support column division, making it easier to use on large screens.

          - Added split layout in the communication control center

          - Support dragging the left and right interface ratio left and right in some applications in parallel window mode.

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            • Mochi
            • 4vu
            • 15 Dec 2023

            Wait wait so is there no wifi at all either?

              Lim, 09 Aug 2023After a year and a half, my tablet is automatically rebooti... moreProbably a hardware problem. Mine's still working fine after 2 years of use. It even have dents on the corner due do a fall but no hard issues.

                is it advisable to buy lenovo xiaoxin tab pro 12.7 inches --2023 --china rom zui-15 android 13-8gb/256gb at cheap price$330 snapdragon 870 .. i am choosing between mi pad pro 5 12.4 inches - 12gb/512gb at much higher price same sdnapdragon 870... the only advantage of mi pad is that the custom rom can be easily ported ... do u think that lenovo will realease android 14 , 15 update after 13? and no kernel source code release... is it true that zui lenovo china rom release two major update after that the update stop..?

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                  • Lim
                  • I@H
                  • 09 Aug 2023

                  After a year and a half, my tablet is automatically rebooting, and the battery is draining even when it's turned off.

                    New update for the Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021 ZUI 14.0.266 available.

                    Upgrade Aspect

                    ·Added PC Mode function

                    ·Optimized stylus function

                    ·Optimized camera, system stability

                    ·Upgrade Google security patch

                    Just received it as an OTA update in my Tablet.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 6p5
                      • 16 Jul 2023

                      DroidBoye, 30 Nov 2022For anyone here there is already ZUI 14 (14.0.127) Android ... moreCan you please share the link?

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                        • Balz
                        • 7XY
                        • 20 Jan 2023

                        Chris, 01 Dec 202214.0.640 os now available if you connect thru VPN in China ... moreWhat vpn ne are you using?

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                          • CHRIS23
                          • 8%n
                          • 20 Jan 2023

                          I bought mine in aliexpress and arrived yesterday. But I have a problem with the colors and I already change configuration and everything and continue the same.

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                            • Neil Manuel
                            • xCD
                            • 19 Jan 2023

                            I use the tablet mainly for playing movile games that have controller support and have been using a PS 5 controller. Updated to ZUI 14.0.127 ST and the controller is now mapped incorrectly. I did a bit of digging and it looks like the issue is with Android 12 and the fix they implemented is not included in the ZUI version. Not really sure if it is going to be fixed but I am now looking to replace the tablet with something I can use with my dualsense controller.

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                              • Joao Neto
                              • 8TU
                              • 14 Jan 2023

                              Great tablet for media, reading and gaming, great screen, battery last good for my use, but 30 days ago the excellent audio system stop working.

                              Began with some audio interruptions when I was watching youtube videos then a few minutes later the sound stop working.

                              Whith BT headphones or cable headphones (with the USB-C adaptor) I have soound normaly on headphones but no way the built in speakers works again, even after restart the system or doing a factory reset.

                                Zuric, 10 Jan 2023No PC mode in their Android 12 update, they remove it. upda... moreIn what version exactly? I'm on ZUI 14 (14.0.127) Android 12 and PC mode is still there when I connect my tab to my Desktop monitor.

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                                  • Zuric
                                  • xjH
                                  • 10 Jan 2023

                                  No PC mode in their Android 12 update, they remove it. update of 3.3GB but this feature is missing.

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                                    • Cl25
                                    • 3dj
                                    • 08 Jan 2023

                                    raymerjacque, 11 Dec 2022Awesome Tablet. I managed to find a 8gb ram 256gb rom versi... moreIm sorry, but you grabbed a Lenovo Tab P11 Pro G2 (ZAB50043SE) not a Lenovo Tab Pro.

                                      Awesome Tablet. I managed to find a 8gb ram 256gb rom version of this tablet, picked it up in Vietnam for 289usd... best buy of the year :) I updated to Patch "13.1.560" It runs well, games well. I did not update to ZUI 14 because then you lose PC mode, and that is a feature that makes the tablet stand out... Great tablet, highly recommended.

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                                        • SurfsUp
                                        • 5Kc
                                        • 05 Dec 2022

                                        ZUI 14 (14.0.127 ST) is the Android 12 stable version that was pushed OTA to Lenovo Pad Pro 2021 / XiaoXin Pad Pro 2021 users. This the English/Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) language version. Model number would be TB-J716F, or others with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 CPU. The Android Security Update is August 1, 2022. While some beta versions continue to be available to testers in China, they are not necessarily going to be as feature stable as this version.