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Lenovo Phab Plus

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  • Faiz

This tab is rock! Now there are custom ROM pie for this tab.. Running smooth. Search them at Google in XDA forum. Help the dev to report bugs.

  • Good guy

I think this phablet is good for daily used. Not for a hard game. And this phablet is good for camera. But i think the battery is very low. Battery is good when used 6000 mah.

  • DeadPool

Look At Dis Dud, 19 Jun 2019It heats up even if im not using it. LENOVO WHY??!LuL. Im still considering buying it and slapping Pie on it. Gonna give it a wild try.

  • Look At Dis Dud

It heats up even if im not using it. LENOVO WHY??!

  • Rrrrr

Im ok with this phablet

  • sub

The SD card never worked. The phone is very bad. does not catch the signals properly. YYou can't transfer files tto SD card.
I am switching over tto Samsung. don't buy Chinese software. useless!!!

Who'd use a tablet as a phone?! You guys are weird...

  • Shedy

rukshan, 26 Dec 2016my tab sound is dead. no any audio sound even when starting... moreHi, how to restore the sound of lenovo pb1-750m.. There is a sign of earphone in a tablet but I didn't connect earphone...

When I watch a movie at home I must wear an earphone so I can hear the sound....

  • delta

please can someone help me..lenovo sayes that lenovo phab 2 pro wont pick up nougat rom..so how can i install nougat 7 on my lenovo phab 2 pro..

  • hazzy

not long lasting

  • Anonymous

Hakeem, 09 Mar 2017Dear Friend, I am interested to buy lenova phab plus, so... moreBad phone. Terribly sound isse. Don't buy

  • crouchy

Liggeon, 14 Sep 2017Cannot move files to sdcardhahaha........ you are talking about issues happened somewhere in 80's..

  • Kp

AnonD-704071, 29 Sep 2017true.... pathetic unit!My phab is going good but its true that phab will be heated during gaming......expect this phab is good

  • AnonD-75614

this model stuck at lollipop update. LOL....

  • JOVS

Using this phone for 2 years. love this phone due to its screen size and decent performance.

- camera, poor in low light.
- video, unbearable sound recording, you will not understand anything
- no folder options. - you need to buy one.
- changed the charging port twice.
- it is getting hot for gaming
- touch screen will freeze during gaming. bad experience on this.
- Automatic USB folder option is being disabled after few usage. you need to remove your
memory card manually to transfer files, or just reset your phone
- Battery is good in first few years, now it only charge 10% every 30 minutes using a fast charger.. battery performance consumes 1% of charge every 2 minutes in use. already tried doing battery replacement but still having the same issue.
- Dont expect that this phone will last long.

  • siaa

phablet man, 10 May 2017Can any one tell me is this unit supports OTGyes it does, first install a file browser app from google play like es explorer

  • siaa

Zameera, 03 Oct 2017One of the worst tab i've ever seen. The Tab gets very m... moremine is good, i like it, i use it for ebook reading and internet browsing and watching movies, calling and texting, using social network apps like whats app, telegram, i don't play games with it.
camera is good.
battery does not annoy
no overheating.
it worths the price.

  • UserAddict

NO issue for me all good

  • Zameera

One of the worst tab i've ever seen.

The Tab gets very much heated all the time, even when i just go through the phone, it gets heated like nothing. when i charge i sometimes fear whether it will explode due to the heat, because it gets heated like nothing
and it always gets hanged all the time.

I would request stop purchasing this phab, really really worst.

at times I get really annoyed and feel like smashing this phone.
really waste of money, the local chinese tabs are much better than this, it works really faster than this

  • Jendu

Mine is working properly, no issues at all.