Lenovo Phab Plus

Lenovo Phab Plus

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  • AnonD-98399

it's funny.... 3500mah battery for 6.8" phone. i dont know why the power bank can sell 12000mah by RM120 (even some is fake) but i don't understand why can fit with 5000mah or even 6000mah for this FHD power hungry phone. the Snapdragon 615 is not tat power efficient in my Samsung A7 especially u run the GPS + Google Map , or COC apps .
basic - 1 day charge 1 time. dont ask us bring power bank.
Lenovo still the same , never improve the sense to consumer.
ugly GUI , wrong spec in every phone.

  • YEss

SYUKURZ, 10 Sep 2015i think it should be 5.5" like 6 plusyor absolutly right

  • AnonD-385107

it is phone guys. just like z ultra but more powerfull couse new technology u know better cpu battery gpu and faster ram and rom :)

  • G

Looks great and innovative. But can you practically use it as a phone without looking odd. It would be a phablet if it is around 6-6.2, guess it is a tablet


i think it should be 5.5" like 6 plus

  • Rupesh singh

AnonD-434166, 09 Sep 2015great phone but it shoud be 5.2 inches :( its to biglenvo phab plus is most phone

  • conver

between asus zenfone max and lenovo phab plus ? which one i should buy?
the price of this two smartphone? reply

  • AnonD-434166

great phone but it shoud be 5.2 inches :( its to big