Lenovo S60

Lenovo S60

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  • support

ankit chaudhary, 03 Jan 2017I have same problem this phone Jio sim work same state like hary... morePlz on the data roaming option

  • Gan

did Lenovo s60 got Swing Lockscreen?

  • Anonymous

majeed , 20 May 2017Yas support 4g simyes it does

  • majeed

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2017Pls confirm Lenovo S-60a support 4g sim ???/Yas support 4g sim

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2017Not sufficient storage capacity.very bad experienceAll photos not save in gallery

  • venu

My lenovo s60 phone's memmoru card and sim slot damaged..is it available

  • Anonymous

My phone is always overheating...

  • AD

i want a lenovo s60 memory card slot my slot is missing

  • Anonymous

I want to change the language to English .some are written in Chinese

  • Anonymous

Pls confirm Lenovo S-60a support 4g sim ???/

  • AnonD-653203

@LeviLucas, please don't bother looking for it. I used this exact same phone. After about a year, it's just trash. Has a lot of memory issues. Just forget about installing apps after the first few you have (due to aforementioned memory issues). It can literally stop working after a while, and above all, Lenovo hasn't really perfected the science of making electronic gagdgets. Their laptops are trash too. I have two other disgruntled friends!

  • Levi lucas

please where can I get this phone (s60)

  • leelady

my lenovo s60 is frezzing

  • cris

My s60 does not have a font style .what should i do plsss help me asap.

  • jasi

Dina , 10 Jan 2017which is better lenovo S60 or 7000+7000 ofcourse

  • Lenovo user

King sam, 21 Jan 2017Worst phone ever,run perfectly for the first five month. After t... moreSo why would my phone works perfectly and its bought 1 year ago?

  • Anonymous

Not sufficient storage capacity.very bad experience

  • Jitu

kundan singh, 15 Dec 2016Lenovo s60 phone is better than any phone it support the Jio sim... moreWhich software is required

  • ramesh crazy

Narendra, 05 Jan 2017Which one software??Need to create new APN IN phone

  • King sam

Worst phone ever,run perfectly for the first five month. After that,the charger won't work and network adapter has problem.I called lenovo and they said sorry and will start focusing on vibe series.