Lenovo S850

Lenovo S850

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  • shark

nureen, 30 Jul 2019almost 5 years use this phone.still in good condition and functi... moreNo problems Average mobile it is very friendly in use but btry is poor

  • nureen

almost 5 years use this phone.still in good condition and functioning well.just the memory almost full because the pictures in gallery almost 20k.time to find new phone.but I will keep this phone forever because I love it so much

  • nibras

vibration not working ,slow, less storage,

  • Mahi

Jo, 23 Sep 2017Hi i m using lenovo s850 from last year now the battery is takin... moreVery poor mobile... Battery problem


already use more than 4 years , so far good . so in love

  • edu

at those time, it was latest with quad, classy cover and in non removable batty and 1 Gb ram, now it still show superiority, except for cracked out paint and broken LCD due to old age and thanks all part are available,work for me till now, hope she/he will stay with me till the end.

  • jlo28

i would say having this phone in 2 years and 2 months is a mess.. starting using this i have a lot of problem encounter like log/hang, automatic off & on in 10mins.. and worse up to hours. spending P14,999 in this phone is not good low quality and performance.

  • shkonotker

i've been using this phone almost 3 years. it doesnt have a lot of problem except for the phone memory. but if you're not a gamer, its good enough for you. lately i have a trouble with a memory since vsco and joox need at least 1.gb space. i chose to uninstall joox :(. i have a lot of apps in my phone which is instagram, twitter, musixmatch, shoopee, whatsapp, google translate, picsart, vsco, rolling sky, notebooks and updated google application.

  • kiveli

i think it's good but just recently hanging and getting too hot

  • nick

best hp ever

  • AnonD-703763

AnonD-702257, 21 Sep 2017how to setup ringtone......i have no ideas..can u tell me??you can download Zedge program from Play store, by this program you can download alot of ring tones :)

  • Ecahh_ab

Been using this phone almost 3 years. Very good camera back n front. Only start lagging in this few days. The battery is draining too fast. Sobs T.T I've drop it so many time. Lastly the back cover is crash. T.T
Overall, i am satisfied witg this phone except ot battery life. 😢

  • Jo

Hi i m using lenovo s850 from last year now the battery is taking too long time to charge even a 10% and battery is draining too fast.could not able to use the mobile because of battery problem.give me some solution for that

  • AnonD-702257

how to setup ringtone......i have no ideas..can u tell me??

  • Lenovo s850 user

Just can't connect to the Google in my device whenever I try to sign in it tells no connection occurred.
(Through WiFi)

  • AnonD-673241

AnonD-673241, 30 May 2017This is true only has 13GB free without the system,the front cam... moreAnd it does not work to update the android and like others the contact list crash sometimes and it restart itself sometimes.if i will have money i the future i will buy an iphone :))

  • AnonD-673241

jes, 10 Apr 2017This phone is okey.. but memory too small and front camera becom... moreThis is true only has 13GB free without the system,the front camera has some blur,i don`t know how to change the lock screen,i mean to download others, only has just some themes and you get bored of them at some point.It is a good phone like 80%...photos are very good with the back camera,it has black list,recording calls,i can download what applications i want but if i have many the phone slows down and is blocking sometimes.it looks very good,it is nice that the logo lenovo from the back of the phone it lights up when you have a call or message.the battery works like one day with the internet on most of the time3G.the camera blocks sometimes and and does not save the last photo you take.

  • Natalie

Lenovo S850 is have perfect cami love it so much my prob only is keep crassing why any idea how to fix this?thanks...

  • jes

megha, 14 Sep 2016Worst phone ever.. i bought dis 10 mnths bck bt nw m nt satisfie... moreThis phone is okey.. but memory too small and front camera become blur after 4,5 month.. I not sure why...

  • AnonD-651453

Been using this phone since May 2015. Modern day Nokia for me bc I've dropped it about prolly 70x and every inch of it is cracked and the last time I dropped it the glass back finally cracked so I taped it but everything still good! Except for snapchat crashing occasionally and a bit of keyboard lag everything else still works very well. Will be changing to another phone soon but the s850 has served me VERY WELL.
of course the biggest drawback is the tiny memory space though.