Lenovo S850

Lenovo S850

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  • AnonD-233215

Oh myyyy, This one looks feminie and suitable for woman but, but,but,but I just bought A880 :'(

  • Somebody

I think this model is great for it's spec..but the problem for me is about the battery..for this kind of model i think it's size not realy suitable and another one thing, what meant by unremovable Li-ion battery. Its mean we can't change the battery or we cannot take out the battery from the phone??? Please answer me..Thank you..

  • AnonD-151707

in shaa Allah i will buy this one if its available in saudi arabia

  • fruitacio

downside is the storage expansion, and battery aother than that i think the phone is great

  • constacio

battery is kinda low for mid range smartphone