Lenovo Tab3 10

Lenovo Tab3 10

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  • Anonymous

I have been unable to find the micro SIM slot on the Lenovo tab3 10" I just bought.

  • Marty

Is the battery life good? Coz I've heard that mediatek is known for battery draining.

  • Chen

When will it be available in the Philippines? Thanks

  • AnonD-567928

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2016how is the tab? is it working with what its specs showing h... moreFor the price of rm899 with free original folio case & screen protector. I would vote for lenovo

  • AnonD-567928

Jonathan, 02 Aug 2016Whre can I buy this tablet? U can buy anyway from lenovo store in Malaysia as be low link


  • Jonathan

Whre can I buy this tablet?

  • Anonymous

how is the tab? is it working with what its specs showing here? By the way, which is better, Samsung galaxy tab E 9.6 or this Lenovo? thanks ahead

  • Anonymous

AnonD-544022, 01 Jun 2016i bought Lenovo Tab3 10'inch. i bought this because of the... moreHi,
Have SIM slot?, can make normal calls? not VOLTE calls?

  • Anonymous

Hello All,
Does this Lenovo tab 3 10", support making 3G (GSM) voice calls?
Is there any Lenovo 10.1" tablet that support SIM Card / and making 3G (GSM) calls?
Thanks in advance

  • Brian

Where can i buy this? Is it available now?

  • AnonD-544022

i bought Lenovo Tab3 10'inch. i bought this because of the sound / battery life span / size of the screen. though it crashes most of the time. but still i still recommend it to those who are looking for a good tablet for a less price.

  • Venkat BVR

Will this support Whatsapp?

  • Geo

I got a sample and it is LTE version w/ 64GB SD card supported for sure. It seems the spec is wrong here.

  • Rick293

KFT , 24 Apr 2016why no 4g/lte I head somewhere that there will be an option for 4G/LTE

  • KFT

why no 4g/lte

  • Rick293

Being a budget tablet you expect that corners need to be cut, but only up to 32Gb MicroSD. is there even an additional cost to allow 128Gb? As the focus of this tablet will be emails, browsing and movies, a processor that can keep up with that and a bit more is all that it needed.

  • Antz

Quad Core MediaTek @ 1.3 GHz CPU for a Tablet that will be released in June 2016 ??? You gotta be kidding..! Even the OLD Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70 has Quad Core @ 1.7GHz .... Come on now, Lenovo.... that would be so lame!!!

  • Anonymous

Best tablet under 200 Euro..
Specifications are Great with reasonable price.. jst hope that it'll perform also same.