Lenovo Tab P11

Lenovo Tab P11

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  • Vicky

I am waiting for its launch in India. This tab is having very good features.

  • Steve

GeorgeP1rst, 04 Feb 2021i just order it ..i am waiting!!How come! is it out yet?

i just order it ..i am waiting!!

  • Anonymous

I would like to see this in Africa, most especially in Nigeria Market, it looks better with features and low price than Samsung galaxy Tab A7 which is currently sold at #128,000 Naira. If it eventually come to Nigeria, I love to have one. Waiting patiently for its release.

  • Anonymous

tano27, 23 Jan 2021This or the Tab A7? Both have the same processor, but the ... moreOfcourse lenovo if its cheaper. Samsung only if you want android 12 updates and longer life... I have 5y old samsung tablet still usable battery. Ihave 3y old Huawei and battery is absolute sheite. Lost like 3 000 mah

  • hjgjq121

tano27, 23 Jan 2021This or the Tab A7? Both have the same processor, but the ... morethis lenovo has much better screen

  • tano27

This or the Tab A7?
Both have the same processor, but the Lenovo model has 4GB of Ram, more internal storage (64/128), better battery and the price seems cheaper.
What do you guys think?

  • what how

Samsung superior, 17 Jan 2021Wonder where they got that design from? Lolfrom the back, it looks like an ipad air 4, ipad pro 2018 and their lenovo chromebook duet
from the frame, its a fusion of the tab a7 2020 and the samsung tab s7 (not the ipad pro, why? the sides are matte while the s7 seems to go towards a more glossy look.)
from the front, it looks like a samsung tab a7 2020, from how similar the resolution are and the bezels and aspect ratio
with the keyboard however, it quite reminds me of the chromebook duet

overall, this is worse version of the chromebook duet
tbh, i would’ve preferred the chromebook duet over this bc it’s getting software updates till 2028

  • mamtachaurasiy

i want to buy it in nepal

Wonder where they got that design from? Lol

  • paplon

decent tablet for rumored 190 eur, unfortunately starting price in our country is 299 eur

  • p00po

Cheapest price is 261e at this moment here. Are there two versions for this - with and without sim?

  • Amo

Pls confirm the Price

  • Anonymous

Well, its quiet cool, more value for money if the price r correct

  • Ishan

I want this in sri lanka. I'll definitely buy it for this price . This is good. Better than galaxy tab a7 2020 .

  • Anonymous

Nice device

  • cAptive

180 $ with Dolby Atmos cool