Lenovo Vibe K4 Note

Lenovo Vibe K4 Note

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  • Empress

Martin , 12 Sep 2019I want lonovo vibe 4 battery how can I get itI win it and I want it

  • Martin

I want lonovo vibe 4 battery how can I get it

  • Subodh

My lenovo k note 4 turn on only when it is on charging otherwise it stays off what ti do plz help me

  • Muzammil

one of best phone 3 yrs in use performance and sound perfect

  • m.zaky

very baaaaaaaad .. slow performance ..

  • Zimgav

My Lenovo K4 Note (lenovo A7010a48) LCD screen no longer responding to touch. Where can i get a replacement touch screen?

  • xyz

it has good audio and speakers. fast performance too. have to use Android 5.1 to prevent heat.

  • A_Smile

3Years i use this phone, still good, body and sound still ok, i love this phone,

  • Jey

Amar, 29 Apr 2016Go in message setting choose cell broadcast stopStop that

  • Nayab745

using from aug 2016 , still very good , good battery , total worthy great device

  • Kai

Best audio experience ever on all the phone I ever tried! Still works good for 3years now. Only issue I've had with this is, the camera wasn't good as it was before other than that, everything is good. Still waiting for this phone to give up so I can buy a new one.

  • Arya

Bad Phone evur!
Phone temperature is too high when I use the phone in short time, the battery life is bad. Laggy, and fp sometimes not working.

I have Xiaomi Redmi note 4, with the same price and same spec, Xiaomi wins in everything, except NFC.

  • Anonymous

A new update of A7010a48_S300_190315_ROW (18MB) From A7010a48_S232_161227_ROW. Consist of GPS system change

  • Anony

Root it for God's sake.. Uninstall all the crap, use greenify, magisk and you're good to go...

  • Anonymous

Great phone and very worth it, been with me for a while now

  • Anonymous

We are not Happy

  • Khoanguyen

after unistalled chrome and used an alternative browser: brave. now I find out my phone is disturbing. Every time I reboot my phone, Chrome keep update over and over again, even disabled. does anyone suffer the same problem with me?

Worth it

I use this phone almost 3 years.
I am very satisfied , because
1. Complete hardware , specialy NFC.
2. Affordable price
3. Big RAM
4. Good batery

  • Miranda Lambert

Has been using it for two years
But for the last 3 months giving ghost touching issue.
I think this phone has some issues with display.even service centre people are not sure about the resolution to this problem
Other than that this is an excellent phone

  • wiz3ard

Almost 2 years using this phone and it still in best condition... Superb quality lenovo