Lenovo Vibe K4 Note

Lenovo Vibe K4 Note

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  • good man

I'm still using it till now. is a perfect for music.

  • Pandit

L legend phone

  • marjan

Excellent phone. MY battery is slowly going out. Where to by new one ( battery)

  • Ands

Super phone, Iam still using it.

Bought this phone for my mom when it was released. Overall good phone with good price (at the time). After 2 years of usage, had to sell it because the storage could no longer keep up with the size of the apps (it was a shame i didn't buy the 32 gb option). The stereo front firing speakers were amazing and even though stereo firing speakers disappeared from entry to mid range level smartphones for a few years, i'm glad they're back. The camera department is a different story, sucks so bad.

  • ndac

good fone, still using it

  • Anonym

Really good phone in that year with support 4G & NFC and also with 3 GB Ram.. and of course best sound stereo.. until now (2021) i still use it and never had a serious problem, except battery i had change 2 times..

  • Anonymous

LuK, 06 Nov 2020Am Still Using this Device cause I don't want to upgra... moreTrue. I really miss those speakers.

  • Nan

This phone is the worst phone I've ever had sure it has good sound quality but when updated it it started to lag freeze and restarts itself the power button is not working anymore and the recent and home button is not working anymore

  • LuK

Am Still Using this Device cause I don't want to upgrade. This phone for me is best cause of the amazing sound quality I enjoy hearing music and watching stuffs in this phone more than anything else. To till now I had ko problem. I had dropped my phone from pretty high so it formed a black dot In the display it happened atleast 6 months ago. The black dot on the side of the top part is spreading like small water drop. I guess I will need to change display when it completely spread to the entire display. Other than that I never had any problems. This phone is such a great relief especially at a time like this where I am spending all my time indoor. I love watching Dramas and Hearing music in this phone more than anything else. This is how I spend all my time

  • Anonymous

It's all running smoothly until the last-last update of the software... every app just force closing every 5 min so that I have to reset to the factory version of this phone and luckily I still store that micro SD card. So peeps if you still doesn't update to the last of the last software update of this phone, just don't.

haris, 03 May 2020Reatore with old where do you find the stock android 5.1 ROM? Lenovo-moto assistant downloads updated android 6 ROM I guess?

I have this problem with this phone: The screen has no video (just black). But I know that the touchscreen works (I can turn down the volume up or down using the volume bar at the top using the touchscreen after I initiate it from the volume keys - the phone was beeping as the volume went up and down (I could remember its approximate position) -> I could even take a photo and see it on PC using the USB cable in phone's internal memory.)This is a weird problem. What might be causing this? - some say the power driving module to the screen has a minor fault (but the touchscreen works, I am sure), Also I tried flashing stock rom downloaded from official lenovo-moto smart assistant application, it went successful and factory resetted the phone. Anyone has any idea? What is the solution for this? ( This started happening after I installed a screw at the back cover of the phone (the screws were missing) - it might have shorted something on the motherboard)

  • haris

me, 03 Apr 2020i buy it 2016.this phone have everything i need.it was amaz... moreReatore with old

  • George Abu Dhabi

I bought this phone 2015 Sept.There is not much prob.recently i updated after that when i restarting it will take time for booting process ,but now battery life is very bad........i am thinking to buy new one.

  • me

i buy it 2016.this phone have everything i need.it was amazing for the money.it work to the last week ,when i update to android 6.Now is terrible -Lag end restart .never update original android 5

  • luigge

I use this phone since 2016 and the audio is excelent. but now that there are better phones I will buy a better one.

  • D. Aprilia

I used this phone since 2017 till now (2020) there's no big problem. Best phone at 'his year'

  • Annonym

Do not buy this phone, because the quality and performance only last 1 year. I as a user feel very disappointed, this phone does not support heavy applications, the point is do not buy this phone

  • RJ

no spare part to repair in my country liberia....why!!!!!!!!!!!!