Lenovo Vibe K4 Note

Lenovo Vibe K4 Note

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  • D. Aprilia

I used this phone since 2017 till now (2020) there's no big problem. Best phone at 'his year'

  • Annonym

Do not buy this phone, because the quality and performance only last 1 year. I as a user feel very disappointed, this phone does not support heavy applications, the point is do not buy this phone

  • RJ

no spare part to repair in my country liberia....why!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saad

Used this phone for more than 3 years not bad at all miss it very much

  • PhantomGamer

This phone is not bad. But the power button has to pushed harder to turned it on and it's memory is little

Oh and I forgot to login, an addition to my precious comment...

My K4 had gone to the mechanic twice, one to the official one the other is to a local phone mechanic. I had to bring her there to fix the lock and power button that stop responding, this first happens after her 1 year anniversary. Sadly the official mechanic's fix didn't last long, several months later the button is broken again. Hopefully my local mechanic will do a better job...

Else than that I also start noticing a burnt display nearing her 2nd years. It's still operable and only become a slight inconvenience...

  • Anonymous

My K4 does her job through her 2 years serving for me, she's not the best but I quite enjoy the time we spent together.

Her camera is not the best for low-medium light. There are noises even on HDR settings. But for daily usage it's more than enough.

Performance-wise she's not that good for high end games while doing some bullet hell shooter or an MMO can already heat her up after half an hour in a room without a fan, with an active fan nearby she can go up to an hour before heating up.

Daily wifi is ok, she can receive signal as good as a Samsung or LG that my Dad and lil sis used. But she can't detect 5ghz wifi even though, IIRC, the manual said she should be able to.

  • Krazybull

K4 note is ok. I like it's fast performance and sound. The dual speakers is superb. I find it's charging time takes too long. I recommended using original charger to charge. All i can say is battery life is ABOUT average but NOT average. Battery life isn't really good on stock rom, It last half a day. I flash custom rom, battery life slightly improve. I can get a full day usage. The phone heats up but for now, it's completely gone when I buy and use SanDisk class 10 SD card. Be sure to format as internal storage not portable.

  • Empress

Martin , 12 Sep 2019I want lonovo vibe 4 battery how can I get itI win it and I want it

  • Martin

I want lonovo vibe 4 battery how can I get it

  • Subodh

My lenovo k note 4 turn on only when it is on charging otherwise it stays off what ti do plz help me

  • Muzammil

one of best phone 3 yrs in use performance and sound perfect

  • m.zaky

very baaaaaaaad .. slow performance ..

  • Zimgav

My Lenovo K4 Note (lenovo A7010a48) LCD screen no longer responding to touch. Where can i get a replacement touch screen?

  • xyz

it has good audio and speakers. fast performance too. have to use Android 5.1 to prevent heat.

  • A_Smile

3Years i use this phone, still good, body and sound still ok, i love this phone,

  • Jey

Amar, 29 Apr 2016Go in message setting choose cell broadcast stopStop that

  • Nayab745

using from aug 2016 , still very good , good battery , total worthy great device

  • Kai

Best audio experience ever on all the phone I ever tried! Still works good for 3years now. Only issue I've had with this is, the camera wasn't good as it was before other than that, everything is good. Still waiting for this phone to give up so I can buy a new one.

  • Arya

Bad Phone evur!
Phone temperature is too high when I use the phone in short time, the battery life is bad. Laggy, and fp sometimes not working.

I have Xiaomi Redmi note 4, with the same price and same spec, Xiaomi wins in everything, except NFC.