Lenovo Vibe K4 Note

Lenovo Vibe K4 Note

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  • Eng msalah

Very good phon

  • Gkeo

K4 note Better than xiaomi

  • Anonymous

Rear Camera stopped working after 1 year. OS upgradable only till Marshmallow.
Sound system is good, battery is okay, display is good.

  • peryung

i have converted mine into a music player. mounted a headphone amp on the back; installed a 200gb sd card.

  • Abhishek

Just came across this phone K4 note and thought to post after using the same for almost 3 years. No issues regarding screen, loudspeaker are awesome, camera is working well.

  • Anonymous

Great phone still working good

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2018plz update new os...No new update for K4 note

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2018i think this phone is a bomb because over heating problem.. avoi... moreits a battery issue,

  • Ravi

Hangs frequently, useless phone

  • Anonymous

overall my phone heating and hanging problem solved.. when I changed from Marshmallo to 8.0 Oreo.. phone porfomance changed my local shop...

  • Anonymous

i think this phone is a bomb because over heating problem.. avoid this phone my opinion

  • Anonymous

LLL, 23 Aug 2016Dear fellow K4 Note users, what (free) third party camera app wo... moreDon't buy it.After about 1 year it always stops working.

  • Anonymous

hanging problem plz update new os..

  • Anonymous

plz update new os...

  • Anonymous

Three years now and i have no problem.Great phone

  • raaj

update new os

  • Anonymous

more hanging problem and heating

  • Anonymous

Great phone☺ using since year .

  • Anonymous

jayant, 03 Sep 2018I have this phone since 2014. I have no any issue ,best in perfo... more2014?

  • jayant

I have this phone since march 2016. I have no any issue ,best in performance as well.it is advance too.