Lenovo Vibe K4 Note

Lenovo Vibe K4 Note

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  • AnonD-491387

[deleted post]Yes. Me

  • AnonD-491383

[deleted post]Y r u giving it...isn't it good??

  • Amir

I bought Lenovo K4 note is Amazon flash sale today here is my experience. The look and feel I like and found nice to hold. But below issues spoiled the whole experience and expectation.
I am average user with no gaming , no Facebook or any other extensive usage.
With just normal surfing over wireless phone heats up in upper part too much, very painful to make or receive call. Please note I do not have any 3G or 4G data enabled.
unable to receive call when phone is locked . very frustrating . Have written email to lenvo help desk. lets see.

  • Yash

hey hi"...
i am sarprised look at this cell its very slim and slot very easy sd nd micro nd am play u tube and online videoes thts great experince nd sound facility is very well totaly its amagine

  • Suresh

jim, 21 Jan 2016please post your phone number and city. People will be ready to ... moreI have compared with 3D vedio from you tube and 2D vedio(in HD clarity). I can't able to see 2D video as 3D. For 3D video you will see 2 frames on normal but for 2D only one frame with full screen, that creating problem via VR. I can't able to see full screen of video as 3D video.
Hope this VR designed for only 3D videos. I have compared both 2D and 3D and there is no adjuster to adjsut at all.

If you can advise more then that helps more.

  • Anonymous

I purchase the Phone nd its really cool...

  • rana7f

I wanna purchase lenovo k4 .I am recently using moto g 2 nd gen.4g is not there.So i want a new one.Moto g 3 is also in my mind.Moto g has a solid hardware.whats about lenovo k4 note?plz suggest me one between moto g3 and lenovo k4 note mentioning hardware,sound system,camera and also overall performance.

  • jim

AnonD-41982, 21 Jan 2016Excited to see my phone. Unfortunately it does not deliver in Va... moreI used headset for offline youtube song. Worth using it as the screen will be big and with sounds it give a full theater effect. Of-course it depends on which quality of video u r watching.

  • jim

Suresh, 21 Jan 2016Phone as of now good and camera is too good. procs: ANT VR Hea... moreplease post your phone number and city. People will be ready to buy it and pick it from you. Its full worth.

  • mukesh gupta

pls. tell me zooming limitation of images . as i saw in video review they are unable to zoom more them double. but they are not commenting on this.

  • Mukul

Not sure why people are mentioning - VR not good for 2D. I am playing youtube offline songs without any lag. With full sound it gave me theater feel. Screen became too big. Not just me but people in my office felt the same. Now, I understood why Lenovo placed 2 speakers on top and bottom. Will try 3D videoes once I reach home.
Anyway people can by google cardboard which is cheaper. It's up to individual choice.

  • appu

AnonD-491307, 21 Jan 2016Just now i got lenovo k4 note Awesom... moreHead set is come with box

  • AnonD-491344

Suresh, 21 Jan 2016Kinney, I am using this phone from today morning. Over all i... moreKinney , if u keep on asking for the revies you know you will struck some where lonely..some may love it some may not so better go for it if it is in your budget and according to me go for VR lens as well as it cost you around only 500 rs..Later if you wish to use it then you need to purchase it for 1300 which is not a good choice.Suresh said that it wont work for 2d videos. To be frank i didnt use VR till now though i receive the product today...

  • Sk-k4

Hey, mine was suppose to be delivered today with bundle..rescheduled it to be delivered tom. Want to know about four things: camera,lag &heating,battery and ofcourse VT experience.plz someone who has used give ur feedback..mine is cod,so can reject easily

  • Ma-haa

AnonD-491344, 21 Jan 2016HI, I received the product. Leave about negative reviews.Dogs ... moreWheather it has gyro sensor?

  • Suresh

Kinny, 21 Jan 2016cool buddy . first open check and tell me ur reviews and ratings... moreKinney,

I am using this phone from today morning.
Over all it is good phone i can give 4 out of 5. Charging very fast. I will recomend to buy phone alone not ANT VR headset, aas it supprts only 3D not 2d vedios and games.
This phone also having heat problem and it will come out, there is one hole back side of mobile and above camera. Heat coming out there.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-490087, 21 Jan 2016Look at configuration guys...processor is small...hang problm wi... moreyou might not have seen the samsung galaxy y duos.
should i upgrade my phone to k4 note or redmi note 3 pro. please write honestly.

  • AnonD-491344

I received the product. Leave about negative reviews.Dogs do bark some times for unnecessary reasons.. arey even if u purchase the phone with 30k or so at some point of time you will find some flaw in it.so leave about negative reviews and after using it for half day i am happy with this. Very smooth performance and great hardware. First those who purchased the product , guys you will receive two updates one is for 34-35 mb and the
other one is system update which is around 281 mb so first update the phone and use it later.. Go to settings > system update and Bingo!..Lovely phone at a loving price. Better to take VR lens also as combined offer instead of buying it separately...Enjoy!!!!!!
Note!! According to me Front selfie camera is not upto the mark for this price range

  • Anonymous

Gautam, 21 Jan 2016Its getting significantly heated up !!you might not have used samsung galaxy y

  • yujna

it gets heated fast........